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Religious forum 2

   Religious reconciliation forum


Welcome to our hubs of religious reconciliation forum (hub 2)

May God help and guide us to write the right religious things in this religious forum?

Some of the main religious forums of the world

Saint Peter square is a very important religious forum, look how many people are attending this service.

Mecca, this could be the most popular forum in the entire world, as there are thousand and thousand of people that go to Mecca at least once in their lives.

Thousand and thousand of people go to this Indian river Ganges to bath in its waters to clean their sins or whatever they believe they need to do.

Dear readers, this hub is the beginning of our religious forum, in our previous hub we have talked about several sort of forums to introduce the idea of this place for religious discussions; we hope that by discussing our religious views, we would be able to understand our human needs, so that we might be able to write an idealistic religious theory for the future.

You see humanity has always needed religions, one has only to look at the religious events that happen around the world today to see what we mean; just look at some of the picture in this hub to see how many people are interested in God and religions, thousand and thousand of religious people come to important religious events. Because religions were and are important to people, therefore we will continue to believe in God/gods and religions for a very long time to come, and perhaps forever, if one day we would be able to prove that God really exists that would be the greatest thing that man has ever discovered, because then there would not be any doubts in our minds.

Therefore, let us forget what the atheist people say (there is no god); and so, let us continue to assume that God/s exist just the ways most of the world people believe. When we look at the entire world of religions, we can see that some of the God/s we believe in today go under different names according to which religion one belongs, sometimes even the same god or spiritual force has different names, like; Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, all being names of the same Abraham’s God, of course there are other gods from other religions, so, we should add to this list at least the Hindus gods Braham, Vishnu and Shiva plus others.  

Now, I the writer believe that there are reasons to believes that religions have been and are useful to all humanity, even though today some people do not believe in God and religions as we did in the past, and also because there are some people that use religions only to have an advantage over the rest of their fellow man, sometimes what some extremist people do is shocking; but that is the fault of the people and their leaders and not the religious beliefs in themselves. You see, it has been for this reason that we have started our previous public forum; we have started it to get some people interested in all sorts of forums, but to us for the time being at least this religious forum is the most important one that we would like to write about.

Now there are even more religions and religious beliefs in this world, some of which might seem strange to us who believe in the God of Abraham, just check this link below to see some of the Indian religions: 

Millions of Hindus plunge into Ganges River in India to wash away ...,

Therefore in this article and also in the following articles because these writings will be mainly religious we will be looking for religious options that could improve links between existing religions for a start, since today it seems that religions are still arguing with each other, or perhaps even fighting each other; so, we believe that something needs to be at least suggested and perhaps done if possible, so that people become more aware of what is happening, in the hope that this awareness could improve the present situation, since religions are supposed to guide humanity in a peaceful way, if religions are not able to guide people in a positive religious ways, then religions would become useless.


Discussing religions

Now, we need to be wise and discuss these religious issues with others using common sense, in other words we need to discuss them as the philosophers do, so these religious writing and discussions will be say 30% philosophy and 70% religious or just plain theology. Now, in order to explain these religious issues clearly, we need to look at all religions closely, and to achieve what we have in mind to achieve, we need to start from the very beginning so that we would be able to see the entire religious picture so to speak, so, we need to go over our human history to see how and why humanity believes in God and why  Man needs God and religions and also many other religious issues, so let us start to see what could be done and what we need to talk about first, and write a sort of index for this article:

In this first religious article or chapter we will be talking about several following issues: God and today religious beliefs; we are in the universe in search of ourselves in a religious ways; Religious reconciliation forum, about God and religious beliefs; Religions and how they serve humanity; we also need to look at what happening right now in the world, because while I am editing this article there are horrible things happening in the name of God, of course God has got nothing to do with it, but the people that to this they do it in God’s name, just because it is convenient to them, here I am talking about the Islamic State that are killing many innocent people in the name of God and many other terrible things; here under is a link that might explain a little bit what is happening. Of course there are worse things happening like killing the innocent. 

WE also need to ask ourselves this; Do we need a super God? Who are the atheists? The other religious problems


 God and religious beliefs

Dear readers, in order to understand the set up here-under more easily, one needs to read our previous hub Reconciliation forum  especially the end of it, as this hub is supposed to be the continuation of the group of reconciliation’s that we were talking about there; anyhow this is the third group and it is all about religions, this religious group could also be divided in three smaller groups, as we did with the other two groups, so that one could be able to talk about them one by one: therefore here under we are writing a sort of index of what we want to do:


About God and religious beliefs

This third group could also be divided in three smaller groups:

Religious group 1; about old religions and the inborn need that humanity has had for them;

Religious group 2; Present today religions and how they serve humanity;

Religious group 3; should there be a super religion to help humanity in the future?

These are some of the articles that we are going to start talking about in this religious article:

Therefore what we are going to talk about here; it is all going to be what we believe could be done for the future benefit of mankind. As we have said, we are looking for religious options that may be able to improve today religious, in order to prevent the unwanted situation or frictions that happens today between religions, this seems to be our main theme at the moment and this has been the theme that has driven us to write these religious writings, in the first place.

Here we need to add that it looks like that to be able to write and make sense about our future religious theory that we intend to write and publish is going to be a difficult and long way, because we are starting from scratch by studying and discussing the present day religions, and after we have done and explained that to the public, then we would like to write our religious theory, therefore, it is going to be a long way, but at the same time we are looking for a shorter way and if it possible to use that in the future.

So, let us see what can be said or done about these religious issues and may God help us?


 Looking for religious reconciliation

We the people of this world have leaned many things during our lives, because we are able thinking people, so we have become aware that we live in a corner of the universe on this planet earth in the Zodiac constellation in the Milky Way galaxy; now just by looking at what we have mentioned above, we feel that we are only a very small part compared to the rest of the universe and so we might be insignificant overall, but that does not mean that we should not care, because the difference here is that we are able thinking people.

Now, even knowing that we are not very important in size, we might be important in other ways, especially our life and our spiritualty side, we also want to know why we are here on earth, where sometimes we believe that we might be the only able thinking beings that exist in the entire universe, therefore we should try to find meanings for our life, since this might be connected to greater things like God and life itself.

You see in order to understand what is life and live a meaningful life, we should start to find a way how to be reconciled with everything around us starting with our fellow man and at the same time we should try to live in harmony with our environment, so, we should learn how to live according to Mother Nature so that we don’t harm it, and the most important part is that we should learn that we have to live according to God whom we have reasons to believe is the life giver and master of the entire universe, therefore we should be looking how to reconcile with God and these other elements constantly, but above in these religious writings we should be looking for religious reconciliation, because that is the task that we would like to achieve.

Anyhow, we are working on it, and in these religious writings we have already published several another articles, here under are some of our articles links:  Other links might be added to this site when we publish them.

 Religious options of the future,   Prayers for Reconciliation             Prayers of Reconciliation

Angels, Saints and human souls        Nature of the Universe and earth,   God of the universe

As we have said above, we are looking for religious reconciliation, but let us first see what we the people believe about God and religious beliefs.


Religious reconciliation forum

About God and religious beliefs

If and when we start thinking about religions and God, there are times when we believe that God is up there looking at every move that we make, but there are also times when we think that God does not exist at all, this has been humanity dilemma from the very beginning of times, what we mean here is that we have been like this since we became able to think and therefore started thinking about God and religions, as we all know this is shown in our own life history records.
So this issue of the existence of God is forever open to doubts, and it will be so for a long time in the future, as the whole question will have to come down to whether God does really exist or it is our need to believe in the existence of God so important in our subconscious that we have to believe in God anyhow, so God might be an invention of our human mind. What do you think? Does God really exist? I would like to ask.

Here I have to add that nobody has really seen God, as God is supposed to be a spiritual entity, this spiritual entity cannot be seen and it dwells in heaven, it can also be said that God could be a life force which humans are unable to see, since it is believed that all life starts from God, otherwise how can we explain the existence of life, as our logic reasoning says there must be a God or a force that has started life and makes life possible even today.
Most religions want us to believe that God has created everything, at the same time there is no physical evidence that God really exists, so, when we talk about God this question arises, how did this human belief of the existence of God start?

Well, there is no clear answer about this and how it all started is hard to say; but, if you let us have our personal say about these religious beliefs, then I will have to say that Man needs God, as it is shown in our own religious history.
Therefore, we need to say that apart from the atheists who do not believe in God, because for them there is no God, as the existence of God cannot be explained in a logic human way; everybody else seems to need God, therefore we have to accept and believe that there is a God even if we cannot prove it and if there is no God mankind still needs God anyhow.
This God need has perhaps happened because man has invented God to help themselves for many reasons; one of the reasons could be that it was started out from our inner fear of the unknown.
What I have just said now may hurt some people feelings, but we are a fearful lot. We are looking for security all the time, so we live in communities to feel safe; it is human nature to feel this fear of the unknown and it is good because it helps us survive.
The origin of religion therefore may well be an extended reaction to our inner fear, which we try to control by simple reasoning of our mental capacity. So when we were or are facing unexplainable things that might bring fears into our hearts, we would like to have some security; for this reason we have found that if we believe in God, then God might be able to help us out, with religions there is always a way out even if it is just our imagination, you see, religions are good at explaining the unexplainable, and so, religion helps us and makes us feel more secure.

For religion to exist and be helpful to us it needs a god as figure head, so this is how god and religion is seen from some people today.
What we have just said would make people think that we have invented God ourselves, but I am not sure about that; because it is still possible that things are partly as the Bible says which is that God created us. But the fact still remains that man needs God.

As I have said above; man needs God, and God needs man.
So let us try to discuss and learn the reason why in this article.

As we might have already said the existence of God was started since the beginning of times when humanity became able to think, and so, they became homo sapient able to think about their own ways and make their own decisions, but because of this knowing they have sometimes felt unsafe, so they have been worrying about their safety ever since, because they have always feared about the unknown, the unexplainable and anything that was stronger than themselves; for this reasons they have constantly been searching for protection from these fears and this behaviour easily has led them to make up religions, in the hope that a god, gods or any other powerful entity would protect them from whatever they were afraid of.

At the beginning there were no proper religions, so people would come up with their own fears from something and they thought if this something that they feared could be appeased somehow, then they would feel safe from it, as they would not be threatened from it any longer, so, they started to do things that would be able to appease these things whatever they were; this is how the first cults or religions were born, in fact some history writings say that there were some religions that made human sacrifice to their gods, so that they would appease them.

Therefore I believe that religions are an inborn need for humanity to overcome their inner fears, whatever these fears may be and wherever they come from.

Ancient history is full of gods, goddesses, demigods and heroes and sometimes even strong and powerful animals were worshipped as gods.

Just to set an example of these animal gods; one of these animal gods is even mentioned in the Bible, in Daniel’s, Bell and the dragon, where Daniel slays the dragon that was revered from Babylonians as a god by feeding him a mixture of tar and other ingredients which made the dragon bust and die. I am sure that there are other animals also that man worshipped, but to find that is not easy as one has got to read very ancient literature.

There are so many Greek gods and Roman gods in the history books of those times, which is hard nowadays to know what their role was in those times. Anyhow today we can still find many statues of gods and goddesses of the past; so it would be good if somebody that knows writes a few old stories down to illustrate what they did. Now, I have found this link here that will give you some knowledge about those gods and goddesses of the past; hub.me/agotI , as you can see religions have existed for a very long time and will continue to exist in the future, so let us see how religions serve humanity. 


 Religions and how they serve humanity

Let us look at today’s religions and how they serve humanity

When we talk about religions and here I mean those religions that we use today, the first thing that may come to our minds is that they are not doing a good job in guiding humanity safely together, as they are supposed to do, since religions are supposed to be that universal law that guides humanity the safest way possible, so that they could live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world.

We have reasons to believe that this could be due to the fact that there are too many religions in this world, in the past they have been bitterly fighting each other for many reasons including their religious ideology, some of them are still fighting today and they have made many mistakes, so nowadays they still cannot trust each other very much, even though sometimes some leader of major religions are trying to improve the situation, by trying to get the other religions to talk about how to reach some sort of religious reconciliation.

What I mean here is that today some religious leaders openly meet leaders of other religions, in the hope of opening a dialogue and find some common ground that could bring some religious reconciliation. As we all know this has not happened in the past, so there is a hope that things may improve in the future with time. Nowadays we hear in the news that the pope (head of the Roman Catholic Church) is going to visit a synagogue or to meet leaders of other religions, which may be partly different in their beliefs, this new attitude may help in the long run; but it also may require changes in the ways religions are run and perhaps in the future in my opinion it may require a new way of collective religious beliefs; so that all existing religions have a common religious point where all religions would meet. 

Now, if we believe that religions we need to change to reach a better stage of religious beliefs; what religious changes may be required we may ask?

To be able to answer that question properly one needs to study the whole situation carefully, so it is going to take a very long time for anyone to be able to answer that positively.

One needs to start by looking at what religions do these days, and then, ask themselves these questions:

Are these religions helping humanity the way they should be helping?

Do these religions make sense to you if you use common sense only?

Are there any doubts in your mind whether these religions may not be true?

If you have any doubts about religions what do you think we should be doing?

Do you think that if someone can explain religions in a way that makes sense to you it would be easier to accept religions and believe in them?

Do you think that religions need to be reviewed and explained in a modern way?

And then, where should one start to review religions?

How can anyone explain old beliefs that nowadays don’t make sense anymore?


Here above we have asked several questions that need to be answered, but most of humanity is not ready to answer those questions yet, therefore let us look at what we have today in the religious world in a general way.

Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, minarets and other names of religious buildings are all revered by people, as they have a powerful affect on the human spirit as all of them have their powerful attachment to religion. Religious books have even more power than religious buildings on the human mind and spirit: But today educated people find that there may be a problem with religious books, because there are things that one could not believe to be true, for example if you try to study religions and read religious books one after another these books don’t seem to agree in so many ways with each other, and also they don’t make sense when we use logic reasoning, so, educated people don’t really trust religious books any more, not only because they don’t agree with each others; but also because there are lots of things which could not be true, or at least they don’t seem to be true when we apply our mental logic reasoning.

So, what can anyone do to solve this religious problem?

For instance; should all religious leaders forget their religious differences and meet together to solve these problems, perhaps by writing a new religious book that covers all religions together?

Or perhaps; should educated people call a conference on this religious subject with the intention of providing religious people with a possible solution on this religious subject?

If a group of people dedicate their time to learn about religions and in the end they find that religions need to be modified in order to agree more with each others; so that in the future religions would be able to stand side by side and agree with each other at least more often. Would it be possible then for them to write down a theory on how this could be achieved?

So, the question is; is it possible for anybody to come up with a new religious theory which may somehow provide a possible solution?

In my opinion I believe that this may be possible since this is what we intend to submit to the public in this religious forum, when we write our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe. So let us just imagine that there is a super God that all existing religions believe to be true, this super God is a link that is able to link all existing gods and therefore it is able to link all existing gods and existing religions together. So now let us talk if we need a super God and why.


Do we need a super god?

First of all we have to ask ourselves; is there a super God or do we need a super God?

So, let us discuss these possibilities here; could there be really a super God? And this super God would be above all other existing gods? And therefore he is able to link all existing gods together and to himself; or we should ask ourselves, should there be a super God in our religions to help humanity in the future?

The answer to these two questions above is a definite yes for the time being; otherwise how could we be able to live and feel safe enough in our own homes, so to speak; so we need gods and religions and therefore perhaps also a super god, if that would help.

You see, I believe that humanity still needs a god or at least to believe that there is a superior divine force above, which would help and protect us in case of needs. But at the same time today some of us believe that we have reached the age of reason, and although most of us accept religions as they are and how they have been for thousands of years, there are a few of us/them called atheists that say that we don’t need religions any longer to guide us and the illusion that God will help and protect us.

Now if we accept that God does not exist, then we can see their point of view of their reasoning, but I could not agree with them at all, so, I would like to point out to them that it is only a small percentage of people who believe that there is no God and that they have reached this higher stage of knowledge when not all humanity has reached it today; therefore, most of us still need to believe in God until we reach that stage, where we could feel that we no longer need God as our protector, because we are self sufficient as we have reached the age of reason; and when we reach that stage then we have to decide whether we don’t need religions to guide us any longer, it will be our choice then and not before?

Now, after reading those articles above one may ask: What can we do to improve this current and perhaps strange religious situation?

There are lots of things that could be done and lots of ways to improve those things which need improvement; but which one is the best way is hard to say.

To start with (and this is my personal opinion) I would like to see more collaboration between religious leaders; but above all I would like to see all religions to put their cards on the table (so to speak), by publishing all their religious books on the Internet free for all to read.

The Internet should give away a free site easy for everybody to find, this site may be called just, Religious Books, and anyone interested in knowing religions can just visit this site and find all the knowledge he needs, so that it would be easy for them to learn about all sorts of religions. After learning all sorts of religions, one may form his own theory about religions and be able one day to write their own theory about religions, if they have anything to say.

Today I have to say that although I have not been able to learn as much as I would have liked to learn about religions, I have learned enough to say that deep within my mind and my heart I have formed my own theory about religions and I would like to say something about it. .

I have already written a fair bit about my religious theory in bits and pieces, so, now I need to try to write them in a better order, therefore, I would like to write my theory down properly before I become too old to do that; I believe that my religious theory may very well be a lot closer to the real truth of how religious things really are, and if it is not, then anyone who wants to change it in the future is welcome to do so, by showing us the mistakes I might have made?

At this point of time some of my religious writings could be called, Prayers of Reconciliation, just because I see myself saying lots of prayers while I am writing them, I feel that it is necessary to say these prayers during my religious writing, so that, I would feel surer for myself after prying God to help me. The name of my religious writings perhaps needs to be changed in the end and it might be called Reconciliation of the Universe; I need to do this because any changes to the existing religions needs to be reconciled, and I have to write many prayers during my writings, since I believe that this is the only way that God would allow me to make some changes from the existing today religions, I have also to admit that if I pray God while I am writing I would not feel threatened if I say something wrong just in case. Now that I have said this let us go back and start all over again from another point of view, in our reconciliation forum and talk about religions and why we need them?

Religions and why we have them.

In this reconciliation forum, the intention of these religious writings is that we would like to find a way that would improve our present religious situation and if possible bring all religions together.

I would have to say that this religious issue is not a single issue and raises more questions and more issues, which are usually hard to answer. You see if it was easy this sort of religious problem would have been solved a long time ago. So we may as well start thinking seriously what could be done today, so that we might be ready tomorrow for the forthcoming changes.

To start talking about religious issues the very first question that comes to our minds is this: Is there really a god as a lot of religious people believe? Then, we may start asking more questions again, if there is a god what this god would be like? Is this god just the way it is believed to be in the Bible? And we may be asking these sorts of questions for a very long time, without being able to come to a complete understanding of the whole situation. So let us try to talk about what some people believe and let us see if we are able to find a way about how to solve these existing religious problems.

Now that we have stated again what we are looking for, let us see what people generally believe and say about these religious issues. In order to do that we need to separate people in different groups because that is the only way that will give us a clear picture of what is going on in the religious world of today. Now, if we do that what do we find at the opposite end of these groups? We find the believer and the unbelievers, which have argued for centuries about these very issues. Of course there are many other groups as well and many different religions that oppose each others; but here just to make things easier we want to start talking about these two different groups that stand worlds apart. The only thing that these two groups have in common is that they believe that they are right in believing what they believe; therefore the other groups are wrong. Here I am talking about the theists and the atheists that stand in opposition to each other on religious matters.

Now, let us see if there might be a way to minimize their differences, of course theists and atheists are not the only groups that do not agree with each others, as there are other groups and other issues that clash in with one another everywhere; therefore, we need to look for a way that might help just about any religious group, but that is easier said than done.

Now, since the atheists stand against all sorts of religions, because they believe that there is no God, and therefore they stand in opposition to all other religions, which believe or might believe that there is God, or at least believe that there are spiritual forces that somehow guides humanity. If we take in consideration all these facts, then it would be fair to say that first of all we need to work out how to deal with the atheists, since this is the biggest issue as it involves all other religions.

Now I have to say that the atheists do not see that they are doing any harm to religions, since the only thing that they state is that they do not believe that there is a god. But at the same time the atheists try to preach their own theory or beliefs to the believers, by telling them that believing in God is more harm than anything else, so it would be better if they forget about their God. This attitude that they have is just as bad as those extremist religious believers that go around preaching their own beliefs to such an extremity that could even kill if you do not agree with them, so, how do we decide who is better and who is worse, who is right and who is wrong: I think that we need to start analysing these groups and let us start with the atheists.


 Who are the atheists

Who are the Atheists?

The Atheists are those people that do not believe in God and above all God’s creation; they believe that there is no God and that God is all an invention that our forbears created, because they did not know any better in those times. We have to admit that there is a small chance that they might be right, so let us just imagine their theory of how things evolved about religions.

In the beginning somehow, somewhere, somebody started talking about the existence of God. I suppose they started believing in God because they wanted to believe about God just because it was a higher power that could help them when they were in trouble, anyhow the existence of God started somehow.

The atheists’ theory is very much like this: It might have happened that once these beliefs of the existence of God became known, the community leader of those times found that by using these beliefs in God or gods they could control better the rest of the community, so, they started to add things themselves and so they used these religious beliefs to their own advantage. And from then onward there has always been something added to these religious beliefs whenever there was a need to do so.

Now if we really consider this atheistic theory about religions, we have to admit that there is a small chance that they might be right, because today there is no really evidence of the existence of God. But then again one starts to see all those people that have believed in God in the past, all those places of worship that they have built, all these religious services that are still going on these days and at once we believe that God really might exist. Now, let us look to these atheists groups in a different way, let us see really who these atheists are and how they fit in the community, and above all what the rest of the community might think about them.

How religious people see the Atheists

Most religious people nowadays think that the atheists are nasty people and that, they do not know much about God and religions. This assumption is based on the facts that they do not believe in God and religions and they are not aware of what is written in the Bible. But I believe that this is not the case at all, so, let me tell you how I see these atheists groups, since I have had some correspondence with several of them, so I have formed a clear idea of what they are like and what they believe.

The atheists for me can mainly be divided in two groups, the first group is formed by very learned people (today this is the larger group by far), these learned people do not believe in God not because they have not read the Bible; but because what is written in the Bible does not add up the way that is supposed to add up, in other words the Bible for them is just a book of stories written for the purpose of controlling the people, which in a way could even be true.

The second group (this is only a small minority), it is formed by people who are of very bad character, so for them God does not exist, just because it is convenient for them when they do nasty deeds, this is the reason why many people think that atheism is a nasty group of people. There might be a few more other sorts of atheists, but generally this is what I believe atheists are like.

Having said what these atheists are like, it is obvious that we need to find a way that somehow will neutralize them, we have to make sure that the way we choose will also agree with other religious issues, so, now let us see what other religious issues exist today.


 Other religious problems

As we have already stated before there are many religious issues to be solved, the biggest religious problem is caused by the religions themselves, because lots of religions are somehow different to one another, and also, any believer in one religion believes that their own religion is the true religion, therefore, the other religions are wrong and the believers of the other religious are wrong to believe what they believe, this has always been so since ancient recorded times; you see religions have also been made to get a group of people together that believe in the same things, this attitude might have been useful in the past, but today it is bringing only problems that need to be solved.

Here again this problem arises because there is not a unifying point that unifies all religions. This is the reason why I sometimes think that we need a super religion, or a super God able to show the entire world that we are all the same in the eyes of God, that is if there is a real god somehow close to the way that is written in the Bible. What about if there is no real god and the real god is very much different to the existing god that we believe in today, so now let me see if I can find a way of stating that God really exists, so next chapter we will be talking about god again, But this God is going to be somehow different from the God described in the Bible and this god could be even accepted by the atheists. We really need to accept God as it is because man needs God, as we have already said in these religious writings. So, let me try to show you God as I see Him/it, because as I said, Man needs God. I really hope that the atheists accept a sort of God, or perhaps a life-force-energy that is capable to make life possible on earth. I hope also that all existing religions try to find a way how to believe in the same God and therefore do not argue with each others as much as they have done in the past.

Here I have to say that sometimes I consider myself to be an agnostic person just because sometimes I don’t believe in God the way I have been taught when I was young, but at the same time I pray to God, even if the God I pray to is different from the God I was thought to pray, what I have just said may not make sense just now, but if one day I finish to write my religious writings it will make sense then.

Anyhow, I think that I have said enough in this chapter, so see you next time in my next chapter called, Man needs God including religious views and conversations.

May God guide and help us to sort this religious problem the proper way soon enough?


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