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Friday, April 2, 2021

Some religious signs, and God exists

In this blog, let us look at what has happened in the world of religion, in the last few decades, and then comment on it. We see some religious signs that may have happened for a reason. 

This must be the most strange event of this century, we call this strange because there are a lot of other things that might follow,because of this unforeseen event. You see, how come that a crane topples on the Grand Mosque in Mecca's Saudi Arabia, on the 11th of September 2015. Are there any religious signs that we can see from this event? Because this is a reminder of  11 September 2001. 

Welcome to our article,  Religious signs 

Dear readers, let me explain, this is a sort of diary that I have written and today I am publishing in blogger. This event has happened a few years ago, and this was my reaction.  

After learning what has happened today, we must ask ourselves; Are these happenings religious signs, because I am sure that in the world today, many people that follow religions are asking themselves; could this be a religious sign that God Allah sends to the Muslim? For what they have done and are doing in the world. Because it seems to me that if there is a God Allah, he must be upset about what his followers have done and are doing, look at this report that I found on the net.

This is the report on the net

It was reported and I quote the following:

This is the report on the net.

At least 107 people are reportedly dead and over 230 left injured as a severe storm toppled a construction crane at Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Sept. 11, 2015. The huge crane fell over the roof of the mosque, which was being prepped up for this year’s Hajj pilgrims who are expected to arrive in the city soon.

Our report and discussions

We are saying this because of the date that this violent natural event has happened: September 11th, 2015, just 14 years after the most violent terrorists attack on American soil. One needs really to reflect on this event, because if you believe in God and the spiritual forces in heavens, you cannot escape thinking about it.

Now that I have said what I think, I am going to wait and see, if and how this event could change the Muslim ways of thinking, I am sure that some religious leaders will offer an explanation about what has happened, whether this explanation will favor anybody we don’t know yet, so, we must wait and see.

A reminder of 11 September 2001

Today I would like to say just a bit more, since something else that involves religion has happened; but before we do that let us remind the world at large, the fact that the crane incident at Mecca has happened the 11th of September 2015, this is just 14 years after the terrorist attack on American soil. Now, whether the Muslims see this as a religious sign is up to them and their God Allah. 

Our views is that today event may be signs from above. Anyhow, it started with this event that has destroyed world peace and changed the world. Look, this photo was taken, when a second plane driven from terrorists, is just about to crash on the second tower, in New York. 

Anyhow, for us that live in the western world and believe and call our God Yahweh, whether this God is the same God or not; we hope and wish that this is a sign from their God Allah saying to them; watch what you are doing? I never told you to go around killing people. Anyhow, that is what we hope it means at least to us, and if this is what it means to the Muslim also; then they might stop going around killing people, like they are doing even now; they want to kill everybody that is not like them; so, when their God sends them signs, to make them see that they must stop what they are doing, it would be a good thing if they do. Anyhow, this is how I see this religious situation, which is affecting millions of people, as we can see from the news every day, since there are refugees running away from their homeland, just because they are being driven away form their own Muslim brothers. 

There are always very large crowds at Mecca every year in this photo see this Muslim crowd at Mecca, this event in Mecca we believe happens once a year, the Muslim believe that it is their duty to visit Mecca at least one time in their life. Source

Today stampede

Just as I said, let us wait and see what the people involved say, somebody commented that it is okay to die in Mecca, because it is the holiest place in Islam. So, the Muslims do not think that this incident of the crane falling and killing worshipers, has anything to do with the killing that the Muslims are doing in the world. But from this side of the world looks different, and I tell you why. Today after two weeks of the crane incident, over seven hundred Muslim have died in a stampede. The question here is; does their God Allah like to kill people just like the people themselves; or is this a message to tell them to stop killing the innocent, I just wonder.

Here-under is a link of a video if you want to see it;

Hajj stampede: At least 717 killed in Saudi Arabia - BBC News

Here-under is how it was reported on the internet news, and I quote;

People were going towards the direction of throwing the stones while others were coming from the opposite direction. Then it became chaotic and suddenly people started going down.

There were people from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Senegal among other nationalities. People were just climbing on top of others in order to move to a safer place and that's how some people died.

People were chanting Allah's name while others were crying, including children and infants. People fell on the ground seeking help but there was no-one to give them a helping hand. Everybody seemed to be on their own.

It affected some members of our group. I lost my aunt as a result of the stampede and at the moment, two women from our entourage - a mother and her daughter - are still missing.

End of the quote.

Under below is a photo of the chaos that followed the stampede, so many ambulances rushing to help.

Comments on the stampede

Comments reported on the news

More than 700 people were killed and nearly 900 were left injured in a stampede on the outskirts of Mecca on Sept. 24, 2015. The latest casualty is the second incident at the pilgrimage this year. The stampede took place as the number of pilgrims heading towards the pillars suddenly increased. Following the accident, 4,000 personnel were rushed to the accident site, along with 220 emergency and rescue units, according to Saudi civil defense directorate. Earlier this month, 109 people were killed, and hundreds of pilgrims were left injured after a crane collapsed at Mecca’s Grand Mosque. Here is a look at the images from the site of the accident.

End of comments.

My short comment

Now, what I can understand from some comments I have received, it is just the usual religious ways, somehow religious people find a way to explain, what cannot be explained. For them to see the truth as non-religious people see it is impossible, because first they must overcome their religious beliefs, which is impossible, since this is how they base their entire life beliefs, so, there is no way to make them believe otherwise. That is all I want to say about this article of ,  Religious signs. However, we will continue this blog with another article called, God exists for everybody, where we can explain our views.


We need a God for everybody

Welcome to our article,  God exists for everybody  

To describe God that exists for everybody or our God of the future is not easy, since God is a spiritual being and therefore invisible, so, we can only imagine God that exists within the universe. so, the universe could represent God for everybody | Source


Dear readers, let us imagine a way that can link all the world religions. To do that we must believe in a spiritual universe and that God exists for everybody. Therefore, God is not just for you and me, or for a group of people that want God to be their exclusive God, and use their God in their twisted ways, and even can kill in the name of their God, and then they shout; God is great!!!!! Or Allah is great!!!!!!, since this is the name of their God that lets them kill other people.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves; are these extremist nuts, to believe that their God wants them to kill other people? Or there must be something wrong in their religious teaching because it is not possible, that a true God wants to kill people. Because God represents the spiritual life of everybody.   

Anyhow, we want to believe that there must be a God of love and justice, which is above other spiritual entities, because this God has no negatives. Therefore, this God loves everybody, and everybody is equal in his eyes. Now, this God does not kill anyone, because all existing life is part of God spiritual life; therefore, if there is a spiritual entity that allows killing in its name, it cannot be called a God, it should be called the devil himself.   

Now, we believe that the role of religions, it is to guide people peacefully; therefore, we are going to suggest here, how people should view God. For a start, God needs to be a pantheistic God, so, God is everything and in everybody; God needs to be a loving God, and more like Mother Nature that helps everything to survive and thrive. Now, to describe a God like that is going to be difficult; but we believe that part of this God that we are describing, is like the existing God that we believe in, so, people can link God and all existing religions.     

Therefore, we are describing God of the future and for everybody in a Spiritual way; it is absurd to believe that God exists only for those that believe in God. Because there is life on earth and whatever has made life possible on earth can be said to be part of God, so, we believe that God exists because life exists; for these reasons, we are going to describe this God of the universe for everybody hereunder.


God of the Universe

We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the spiritual life force energies of the entire universe, it must be so, because there is no other way to explain how life came about on earth, therefore, we believe that there must be a God, which represents all those positive life energies that make life possible on earth, and perhaps the entire universe; you see, these positive life energies can only be called God, because there is no other name to describe them with, so, God exists at least in the form of these positive life energies, which make life possible on earth. But at the same time, we believe that God exist also as described in the Bible, the Koran and other world religions as well, since God represents the positive life energies, and therefore the souls of the people that have believed in God; so, we are going to describe this God in more details as we go on writing these articles.


Now that we have described this future God of the universe, it does not mean, that those gods that have been described in the Bible and other religious books do not exist, because we believe that they exist within the spiritual life forces of the universe, like we have described above.

Anyhow, the reason why we are writing this article, God exists for everybody, it is because we believe that humanity is using God existence to the advantage. Today, the main groups that is using God to their advantage, are Muslims groups, some of these extremist groups even kill in the name of their God. They are living a lie, because God is the creator of life and life itself, therefore, God could never want to kill a part of himself.

So, we have described our idealistic God above, the way we believe God must be, to be God for everybody. But we would like to point out that there are other ways to describe God, and this photo here under shows one of those ways.

Because there are many religions, there are also many religious beliefs of how God could be like. This photo above shows you how some people view their God. This is not a real God, as described in the Bible, but it is described as positive energies. Source


Our other religious points of view

We have been studying religions and found that there are too many religions in the world, because humanity needs religions and a God, if they didn’t need them, they would not have invented God, and religions, since the beginning of recorded times.

But God can exist in many forms since people believe in different gods. Anyhow, humanity has described God in such a way, that their God would help them; so, their God was modified to a certain degree to serve themselves only. 

Therefore, today religions are set up, in a way that they can fight each other. So, we have been thinking what can be done to stop this negative issue. We have said negative issue, because religions bring also positive things in everyday life, therefore, it is worth to find a way how to stop these negative issues and try to keep those positive issues that help humanity.

So, what can be done? To answer that question is not easy, if it were easy, it would have been done from the previous generations. Having said that, now we can say that, the most important thing that we can do, is that humanity should describe a God that exists for everybody, since God needs only to be described in such a way. 

Therefore, how God for everybody needs to be like, to fulfill those requirements that need to be fulfilled, so that humanity may believe in a single God, that can link all existing religions and Gods, without upsetting religious believers, if this can be achieved, then, this God is the God that exists for everybody, so, let us talk about God and the spiritual universe.

God and the spiritual Universe

Dear readers, what we are going to say next, is only our vision, of how God could really be like, but has we have said at the beginning of this article; we believe that most civilizations needed a God and they made up their own God, so, their God was made up per what they needed most. In a parallel way, today the world needs a God, that can serve the entire planet and not just a group of people, so, we need to believe in a God for everybody that can do that.

As we have explained that religions are man-made, and they have been made to serve the needs of a group of people that follows them, this would automatically exclude those people that belonged to another group. Now this old set-up of separatism is bringing trouble to the religious world today, as some extremist groups use religions for their personal advantages. So, we need to change to a different religious set-up, where the entire world, can believe in the same God and religions together.

Now, when we are writing religious issues, we have two ways that we can use, because in religious matters we have the physical side and the spiritual side, we can use any of them, to convince the people about the religious issue we are talking about. In this version we are using mostly the spiritual side, we are doing this in the hope that we can make our religious articles shorter. Anyhow, we want to bring to your attention that in the future, it would be helpful, if all serious religious books would state in the first page, or in the first paragraph this phrase:

There is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the life essence of the entire universe.

This phrase alone, is going to be the most important statement in our religious articles, therefore, all our religious articles, have been written to show how our God of the universe can fulfill this part, and why it has to be like this. We have already published this in our hub, Reconciliation of the Universe. Anyhow, I believe that we have said enough in this article, so, we will see you in our next article, where we are writing about God and spiritual beliefs.

May God bless us all.  


Monday, March 1, 2021

Compare God existence and spiritual beliefs.

In this blog, let us compare God existence possibilities.

Indus God Brahma 4 heads. The Indian religions are polytheistic, they have many Gods, so, it is easy to pick up their photos, another important God is Trimurti that sometimes appears as a person with three heads, at other times is like the photo below, that shows the three most important Hindus gods.  

Above are some Hindus Gods, it seems to me that there are several Gods in the Indian religions, it is like the old pagan religion, where most gods had their own specialty. Like Mars the god of war, or Venus the goddess of love. Then there are the monotheistic religions, with a single God.  
The most powerful monotheistic God is Yahweh, as described in the Bible, but that is God of the Jews and the history and religion of the Jews. This religion gave rise to many other religions, like Christianity and Muslim religion. Anyhow, in the Roman Catholic religion, God is said to be a powerful old wise man, like the painter Michelangelo painted him. But there is no proof that God is like Michelangelo said. in fact, there are several description of God as a man. And people dream God in different ways. 

Anyhow, in this article let us compare God existence possibilities, 

Welcome to our articles, Compare God possibilities, and  We Believe in Our God 

May God guide and help me to say the right things.

Dear readers, as we have shown above, people believe in different gods, so, in this blog, we want to talk about what sort of God is more likely to exist, and why we believe in our God. Because we must admit that a benevolent God, the way that we want God to be, does not exist. We must also consider whether God exist, because sometimes I feel that we might have invented God, so, everything might have come from our human imagination.

Anyhow, today I still pray God, believing that God exists. But there are times when I think that God may not exist, since there is no evidence of God’s existence; because, it has been thousands of years that God has not been seen or reported to have done anything on earth. So, we start wondering, whether what has been written in the Bible has happened, or it has been all a vivid imagination of the people of those times, because that is the type of God they wanted. 

Anyhow, we want to point out, that there are people that say that God does not exist, which is based on the absence of God ever showing up on earth. On the other hand, there are people that believe in God and religion, that they even kill for their religious beliefs. 

So, let us talk what is happening in the world today, because of these extreme religious beliefs. As you know, religious fanatics are killings innocent people, in the name of their God, these killings are so terrible, that most of the Christian world is praying for God to show up and do something about it, perhaps by killing the killer on the spot by lightning or anything at all. 

Having witnessed this terrible outcome several times, we ask ourselves whether there is a God or any divine justice for that matter. Some people want to believe, that this divine justice happens after we die, and the killers die. Most of us would like to think that the killers will be punished when they die; but the killer madman thinks that by killing these people, he is going to be rewarded when he dies. But by logic reasoning, how can that be possible, in the eyes of God and humanity, the only justice that can make sense, is that the killer will be punished; you see, he has destroyed God’s life. That is our belief. 

Therefore, the killer must be punished with the greatest punishment of them all. Which can be the destruction forever of their lives and souls, so, that they cannot return to live again, as they are too dangerous to let them come back to life again. So, we believe they will be sent to the boundary of no return and thrown into the abyss of the universe; (this is my imaginary theory) there their souls will be destroyed forever, just as they have destroyed the innocent people lives, these are our beliefs, see, our article, Lucifer domains circle

Now, what I have said above, is an invention of our mind. But then, also the existence of God could be an invention of our human mind, since we may have invented God, because we need God in our lives, and God is hope for those that need hope most, and in our hour of need, we pray God for help.   


Now, I must say that during my life, I have suffered more than my share. I could write a long article about it but I want to be brief. But I want to say that I pray to God a lot, I pray with the existing prayers that everybody prays, I pray also with my personal prayers, some of which I have written in my religious writings, and I pray in many other ways, I believe that even all my religious writings can be considered as a prayer to God, because that is the only thing left that I can do, even knowing that it is unlikely that God answers my prayers; but still I continue to pray.

I believe that I do not deserve all these negative happenings, which are making my life hard to live, because I believe that I am a good person, I have not killed anyone, which is the worst thing that anyone could do, I believe that I am better than the average person, I know that we all are sinners, but minor sins should not count much. I could say a lot more what has happened to me and I feel hurt, but let us leave behind my painful life, let us be more philosophic and look at God’s existence possibilities. 

Perhaps this advertisement above says it all, and we worry too much about the existence of God and what we want God to do for us. But God does not do what we want, so, we should accept life just the way it is. As for myself, I believe that God exists, because life exists. So, we should continue to look how God can exist. That is the only thing we can do. 

God’s existence possibilities

From what we have written above, it is obvious that there is no benevolent God, who hears and answers our prayers willingly. So, what sort of God can exist, other than this God that we are praying to? I believe the chance is less than 1% because there is no God that does what we want him to do but let us talk about other God possibilities.  

Dear readers, we must admit that there is life, therefore, there must be a force that made life possible on earth; or it helps to make life possible on earth. Now, because the universe has always existed, the time factor for anything to happen is infinite, so, everything is possible to happen; therefore, life could have started spontaneously during this infinite time, with or without God being involved.

Anyhow, whatever force that can influence life to exist can be called God, even though this is different from the God we have been taught to exists, Like Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah of the western religions, or other Gods, like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiver and other gods.

So, what we conclude is that God can exist, but this God is not the creator of everything; this God can be a life force that exists in the universe, which together with other existing things, like Mother Nature has helped to make life possible on earth.

This is the only format of God that has the greatest chance of existence; perhaps one could say 99 % of existence would be possible. Now, let us make a list about the possibilities of the existence of God:

God possibility No: 1 

If we accept that God exists what sort of God is most likely to exist; I am pretty sure that my ideal God does not exist because: when I pray God, God ignore my prayers, so, my God does not exist, and if he exists, then he is not the God that I wish existed. So, there is little chance that such a God exists, perhaps this ideal God has 1 % possibilities to exist. 

God possibility No: 2

God No: 2 is the God that everybody wishes to exist, because this God is doing what we would like him to do, especially the Muslims would like this God; but a God like that is a god that is very convenient, except that he could not exist. Because we believe that a God that is God does not want to kill other people, because people are part of his own life energies of the universe, so, any entity that wants to destroy and kill, belongs to the negative energies of the universe, so, this God is more like the devil and not a God 

God possibility No; 3 

Anyhow, we have reasons to believe that God exists in the form of spiritual life and earthly life, this has a 99% chance that this type of God exists, but this God can only be partly like the God written in the Bible that we believe in even today.

The Gods that we believe in today may have only a 50% chance that they exist; but they are not the way that we believe they are, because they are a lot less powerful than the way they have been described, in fact, they can be part of the spiritual life force of God of the universe, so, they are not the creators of everything.

Yahweh also known as Jehovah I believe exists or could exist, but he is not the creator of the entire world and the universe, because the entire universe and the existing life forces of God have always existed.

Allah, god of the Muslim may exist, because it says in  the Koran that he is the same God of Abraham and the same God that helped Moses cross the Red Sea, but the way that the Koran describe him one may wonder whether Allah is a God or a devil, this religious book seems to have been written to control the people, and to control the people a lot more than how the Bible want to control them; it has been written from man and for man only, because it always wants to gratify man’s sexual desires, even when man dies if he has done special deeds, he will find that Allah will give him 12 virgins that he can play with and make love to them in the other world, what a load of rubbish that has got to be.

So, we must use common sense, and try to see what could be the real Koran from the angel of God, if there was one? And then, what the other men who have written the Koran have added for their own advantages. So, we have reasons to believe, that those Islamic people that go out to kill other people in their God’s name are completely nuts.

Therefore, it would be better to follow the atheist beliefs, where god does not exist, than to follow the Muslim that go out to kill in their God’s name.  

Dear readers, what we have written above are the views of an agnostic person. Now let us start from a different angle, and talk more like a believer in our next article, We Believe in Our God

We believe that the Holy Spirit, who represents God life force of the universe, and from this life force everything was born. This is the only thing that today can still make sense.  


We believe that God Our Father, is the spiritual life force in the universe, that makes life possible on earth; we believe that God Our Father, is the eternal benevolent life force that gives life to every living thing; we believe that this benevolent God that we believe in, is above all other Gods that humanity believes in, because all other Gods and all other spiritual force that exist in the universe were born from this primordial pure life force. 

Dear readers, in this article, we are describing our modified religious beliefs. Anyhow, to do that there are two ways.  Ether we try to fix it ourselves the best way we can, or if we believe in God, then we pray God to send down to earth another Prophet that can reset religions in a new way. 

Anyhow, we believe that we need to base our new religious concept on spirituality, instead of a single powerful God. Because a single powerful God, can be manipulated from the people easier than spirituality. Because spirituality has a wider base of beliefs than existing religions. 

Our religious basic structure to use

We believe that we must use everything that the religious people of the world believe today, even if some of these beliefs, may or may not exist. So, even though we cannot prove that God exists, we must believe that God exists, starting from the simple fact, that most people believe in God and other spiritual things, and there are events that cannot be explained, unless we believe that God and the spiritual forces exist.

So, we believe that God exists, but not as it is described in the Bible; you see, in the Bible God exists the way that the Israelite wanted God to be like. Anyhow, this God of Israel was known with different names in the past, but today he is known as ‘Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah; these are names of God, or the spiritual life force of the universe.

Now that we have said that, we need to work out how spiritual things work together, if we can imagine that, then we can understanding how everything works together, so, now let us talk about some of the great spiritual people that have come in this world, because it can help us understand better the spiritual world, and how it is linked to us.


We christian, believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ must be the the greatest man and spiritual being that as ever lived on this planet earth. Jesus Christ is our direct link to God, he said so himself. In the Bible through the prophets God promised us the coming of  the messiahs many times. But when  Jesus Christ came the Jews wanted a leader that would free them from the Roman invasion; so, instead of following him, they crucified him.    

Buddha in a way is also like Jesus Christ. his coming was foretold, that is one of the reasons people believe what Buddha is the spiritual being that he is, and they follow what Buddha taught them.

Great spiritual people of the world

There is no doubt in our minds, that the greatest of all the spiritual people that ever has lived on this planet earth, is Our Lord Jesus Christ. we have the proof of this because, all Christian religions believe that Jesus is the Son of God, as it is claimed in the Bible itself, when it foretells of the coming of the messiah, who would be a great leader for the Jews and guide them in a new meaningful direction. As we know the greatest spiritual man that ever lived on earth came and went, not in the way that the Jews wanted. You see, the Jews  wanted a strong earthly leader, that would give them independence from the Roman occupation; but Our Lord Jesus Christ was a spiritual leader.  

Here we must point out, that there have been several great spiritual people in this world, perhaps not as important as Our Lord Jesus, but they have been and there are some even today; but let us talk about those that we already know, who have been able to change religious beliefs and formed another religion: in the Asian religions there is Buddha and there is also Confucius, these two philosophers or spiritual leader have influenced a lot in the religious field in Asia; they both follow spirituality and Buddha is like Jesus Christ, in the sense that he preaches peaceful coexistence and the belief of the existence of the soul, that can become better and gain importance in the spiritual dimension, or when re-born. 

Twisted half truths

Here we must point it out, that it is the people that choose how their God is like. You see, God becomes designed from the people themselves, Yes, there are spiritual forces involved and this force exist, but the people and their leaders twist the truth of this spiritual force until they find a way that suites them: Yahweh God of the Israelite was said to prefer only those who were descendant of Jacob (Israel) son Isaac son of Abraham and nobody else, but one may ask, if that was the truth, about what God wanted; by logic reasoning, if Yahweh was God and Father of all mankind, how could Yahweh choose them only against the rest of mankind.

We believe that the only reason that it was so, it is because the Israelite said so, because they wanted a God that would look after them and nobody else, so, by saying and repeating it many times, they believed that it was true. The outcome of this is, that even today the entire religious world that derives from the Bible believe that it is so.

So, we believe that most religions have certain characteristic, which is convenient for those that believe in them, you start talking about these characteristic that this spiritual being has, and one day just about everybody accepts it as being the truth, I hope you see what we mean?

I believe that this blog is too long already. So, see you in out next article or blog, any religious signs.

May God bless us all.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

God and humanity main sins


People that wage war search for their own greatness, but they do not realize that they are committing the greatest sin against God, since they kill people, which are part of Gods' life. Or if you want to believe it, you can say a tiny part of God himself, since in everyone of us, there is a tiny part of God himself.   

People blow things up and blow themselves up, then they cry God is great, just because they have been able to do that. They must be nuts; because what they believe can exist only in their twisted minds. 

Humanity top main sins discussions

Welcome to our article, God and our sins

May God guide and help me say the right things? 

Dear readers, looks like that I am going to write a long blog here, just to cover all those things that I have written in my original article. Now, let us try to understand, what are the main sins in the eyes of God. We believe that killing another fellow man (woman or child) is the greatest sin that we can make. Anyhow, in this article, we are talking about the three main sins of humanity, which are: killing people, robbing people and sexual sins.

So, here we are talking about God and our sins. We know that there are many rules about what our sins are, but what and why they are sins we must work it out. So, let us start from the beginning, by trying to see what in the eyes of God our main sins would be.

We believe that the greatest sins of them all, are the sins committed against humanity, when people kill other people because they do not agree with them; anyhow, killing has always been a mortal sin, the sixth Commandment states; Thou shalt not kill, that is if we believe that God he has dictated these Commandments.

Anyhow, it is wise to accept that there is God, and God directly or indirectly has created or helped to create life on earth, and we humans have been placed at the highest spot of this existing life chain. So, we should assume, that all humans are equal in the eyes of God, because we are all God’s children.

Now, since we are all God’s children and we are equal in God’s eyes, all those people that think that God is with them, and not with the opposing party are stupid; because God being God must not take part in these stupid people arguments; if people think that God the life giver of every living thing, can take part and see his own life  destroyed is a complete fool, because whoever kills another human being has sinned the greatest sin in the eyes of God. Those people that kill and are proud of their killing another human being, must be the most horrible human being in the eyes of God; so, when they die, they will be sent to the most horrible place in the spiritual world, and then their souls will be destroyed forever; so that they cannot come back to live another life on earth.

So, killing another human being has got to be the greatest sin against God, since it is like killing a tine part of God himself, we must assume that it is so, because God is life, and we cannot see it in any other way. So, those people that believe that they are helping their God by killing their own enemies, will have a big surprise when they die, because if we have a soul, the souls of those murderous people can only end up in the most horrible place in the afterlife, so, they will find themselves on the highway to death, past the point of no return and down in the abyss of the universe, where they will be disintegrated to the smallest existing particle. These are our beliefs if you want to read all about this visit.   Lucifer domains circle Spiritual circle one negative.

So, our beliefs are that whoever kills anyone has done the most horrible sin in the eyes of God, and those people that kill in the name of God are even worse, especially if they kill innocent people for the joy of killing them. They will be severely punished in the afterlife; they will get what they deserve.

Now I must move on and talk about next sin, robbing with violence.


Robbing with violence

We believe that robbing and above all robing with violence, must be the second main sin. Because robbing other people of their belongings, is not right because you cannot go around taking other people things, just because you like to do so.

Every one of us has got the right to enjoy our own belongings, which we have worked hard to own them. So, robbing anything must be a sin, but here we are not going to call a sin, those small things that happen during our lives; you see, for example if you are hungry, and you have no food, and you happen to be near an orchard or a vine yard and you pick up some fruit and eat it, that might not be called a sin, because there is plenty more on the trees and vines and nobody is going to miss it anyhow. But anything else that can make the owner upset, because it is going to make some difference to his belongings should be called a sin. So, the greater is the value of the things one takes from somebody else, and the greater is the damage that the rightful owner feels, the greater should be the sin in the eyes of God.

But what about the real great sins of humanity, when would be robbers go out in search of taking away the belongings of somebody else, even when they have to use violence; they are so desperate in their own greedy ways that they don’t care the damage they do, they hurt or even maim whoever stands in their ways, in fact they even kill some people, if anything goes wrong; so, robbing with violence must be one of the greatest sins in the eyes of God.

Anyhow, I am inclined to think that robbers do not want to work and to know how to live an honest life. You see, to own anything you must work hard first, some of us are born in a family that already owns several things, and this is because, his forbears have worked hard to produce and retain those belongings, so, all depends on how much work we do or have done in the past. Therefore, we can say that we must produce things to own things. So, the world can be a better place to live in, if everybody works his way up, instead or trying to grab other people belongings.

So, we conclude that robbing with violence, is one of the main sins of humanity in the eyes of God, but there is more, because we must consider when people go to war to dispossess other people of their belongings, because in their violent ways they do a lot of damage, not only to the people involved, but also to the entire world, so, wars must be a sin against God.


 Wars are sins against God 

Wars of possession must be the greatest sins against God and humanity because many people get killed, and that is the main sins that we can commit, we also dispossess the losers of their belongings. Just look in the past, a group of warriors surround a castle take the castle kill the people and the castle becomes theirs including anything that belongs to the castle.

Here we can ask, is there a god? And why does God let these people kill other people? Perhaps there is no God that is looking after us; because if there was a god these violent things should not happen, so, the omnipotent God that we want to believe in may not exist.

Now while I am writing this spiritual or religious explanation here, I cannot help thinking about what is happening in the world today, some religious fanatics or terrorists, they believe that they would sacrifice their lives, because that is what their God wants them to do; they believe that when they die they are going to be given a better place in the world of the dead. Here I would like to strongly point out that they are killing themselves and other people as well, so, it would be impossible for their God to like them.

So, if there is a God and there is an afterlife, it is most likely that because what they have done, they will end up in the most terrible place in the afterlife world of the dead. It has got to be so, because these fanatics kill other people and at the same time want their possessions; so, this is another one of the great sins against God and humanity.

We can say more, but it is better that I change to another great sin of humanity; where we will be talking about sexuality and their sins in the eyes of God.


The third main sin

When we think about it, the third main sin in the eyes of God must be sexual violence, to rape a person against their will is a sin, there are too many sexual sins to name them, and some of them are even disgusting to talk about; but why people are sex driven.

People are sex driven because that is the way Mother Nature made us, you see, it is through our sex drive in us, that life on earth continues indefinitely, if there was no sex drive in us, we would not exist; so, sex desires are there because that is the way for humanity to reproduce and continue forever. Now, when sex is controlled in such a way that we reproduce without hurting anyone, the sex drive that we have is the greatest gift that God and Mother Nature has given us to enjoy, so, let’s enjoy it if we can, if we can control it at the right level, and do it with the right people that enjoy it at the same time.

But people are not always able to control their sexual desire; their sexual drive makes them do stupid and violent things, history is full of story after story of sexual desires that have led to violence and murders, even in the Bible, there are description of sexual desires that have affected many people; here one can start with Abraham and Sarai; the story goes like this, Abraham and Sarai his wife went to Egypt, because there was a famine in the land where they were. Before they reached Egypt, Abraham said to Sarai, you are a beautiful woman and when the Egyptian will see you, they will kill me so that they can have you; so, instead of saying to them that you are my wife, we will say that you are my sister, so, they will spare me, and that is what they did.

In Egypt, what Abraham foresaw became true, and the men over there would have liked to have Sarai, even the Pharaoh saw her and wanted her, but Yahweh punished him for his desires by sending plagues and other bad things, in the end the Pharaoh understood the reason and he let Abraham and Sarai go with lots of cattle and sheep.

The bible also states that this is how Abraham started to become rich, because Yahweh influenced the Pharaoh to give Abraham many sheep and cattle and other thing, for atonement of his sins for desiring Sarai. Well, this is what is written in the Bible.


The war of Troy

Sexual desire could bring destruction

Believe it or not, but sexual desires can bring destruction; Here we want to mention, one of the oldest stories; the war of Troy.

The war of Troy was started because of this beautiful woman, now historically known as Helen of Troy. The story goes thus, Paris the most beautiful man and prince of Troy, went to Sparta and fell in love with Helen, and ran away with Helen the most beautiful woman in the world, But Helen was already married to Menelaus. After that Menelaus with the support of other Greek royalties made an army and went to war against Troy; so, the war of Troy happened because of this beautiful woman called Helen, and the sexual drives of humanity.

There have been many stories of things that men did in the past, for their personal sexual desires. There is a story in the book, one thousand and one night, where this lady tells many stories to her husband, as a very long story, knowing that she is going to be put to death when she finishes the story, and then, her husband will take another woman for a wife, but she keeps the story going for a very long time, she has children from this strange relationship, the day she finishes the story, her husband gave away the idea of killing her for another woman, because then he would have killed the mother of his children. And then what about Henry the Eighth with his many wives, it seems just the same as The Arabian Nights all over again.

I believe that I have said enough about these natural sexual sins; where man finds hard to control his sexual desires, when his desire need to be controlled. Anyhow, religions like Christianity, and the Roman Catholic doctrine teaches us, that man needs only one wife, and that works perfectly fine since everybody get their share. But they have gone too far in this denial of sex drive, because their priests do not get married, but this denial of sex against Mother Nature designs, is having problems, as we know about the pedophilia, therefore, it is better if they change, and make it easier for everybody.

But what about the Muslim religion, where man plays a very dominant part, so, everything has been set per mans’ desires. If we look at this difference in the two main religions of the world, it becomes obvious that the Muslims are driven from sexual desires, and therefore, their religion has been set in such a way that their desire can be satisfied; here man can take several wives.

Anyhow, whenever we have sex outside the approved ways, we are committing a sin, and sex that leads to violence and killing, must be one of the main sins in the eyes of God. 

The Muslims say that Allah their God allows for their sexual enjoyment, as it is written in their Koran, which is a religious book written for the ways of life that the Muslim men like to have, so, this religious book has been written to satisfy their sexual wants.

Now, religious books are written to guide people, the right way, and even though we say that religious books have been inspired from God. There are doubts about it. 

Anyhow, most religious books have been written and set to satisfy our own desires. But when we use our sexual desire, outside the normal ways, and we hurt somebody, then our sexual desires are a sin.  

I believe that this blog is becoming too long, and we have said enough about our sins. So, see you in our next blog called, compare God possibilities.

See you soon.

May God bless us all.


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