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Friday, January 29, 2016

Spiritual cosmic dreams

Welcome to our blog, if you believe in God
and this post, spiritual cosmic dreams
Personal spiritual dreams
We dream all sorts of dreams, some of which could be just our body needs, but there are dreams that cannot be explain easily, so, we wonder why we dream these sort of dreams. We also ask ourselves why we dream and what could these dream mean. Now there are dreams that seem to come from the other side, which could be called spiritual dreams, they of course could be any sort of dreams.

When we dream our spiritual dreams, we usually dream about our ancestors passing on some sort of messages to us, or perhaps angels and Saints, also places of worship, A Madonna or our Lord Jesus Christ and many other spiritual things; we have to say that every time we dream, we wonder what that dream could mean. So let us talk about dreams and what they could mean above all to the dreamer.  

Personal spiritual dreams
Welcome to our post of, cosmic spiritual dreams
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post of, important dreams and tuning in, so we are going to talk about, dreaming about God, angels and cosmic dreams. May God guide and help us to write these spiritual cosmic dreams?
In this post we will be talking about God’s send dreams, angels and other cosmic dreams, this is another chapter in our religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation, because my inner self, my spiritual dreams and my religious beliefs are driving me to write these religious articles.
Here I need to say that these religious articles are being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, well at least this is what we believe we are doing here; you see, I believe that I am a seer and in my dreams I see that there is something that we can add to the existing religious beliefs, or at least we would like to suggest a new way of seeing them with what they could really be, in the hope that it would help the future religious people to understand religions better.
We could say that in these articles we are in search of ourselves in a religious way so to speak. In one of our previous articles we have talked about some general explanation about the dreams that we dream, so, we have written another 2 articles which we called: Menfranco Dreamland Modified 7 and Menfranco Dreamland 8, now, in this article called, Cosmic spiritual dreams we will continue to search about religious and spiritual beliefs and dreams, as this is the main theme also for this chapter also.
Now, we would like to repeat this explanation again, because some of you may find these religious writings controversial, so, we need to explain the situation better to those people that may become suspicious and may think that we are atheists, or some religious fanatic and we are there to get them. 
So, we are saying to anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs we say, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and also Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that one day, if the religious people would accept what we have suggested here; then, religions might not be fighting each other anymore, Reconciliation of the Universe is going to be the theory that might be able to achieve just that.
We know that in the beginning there will be times when these religious writings could sound different from the ways that we usually hear religions being preached, but we say to you don’t you worry about it, as it will all be explained as you read all our religious writings, and then, you can judge for yourself at the end of it; so, let us go back to talk about our spiritual dreamland.
 Spiritual cosmic dreamland
Menfranco spiritual cosmic dreamland
Now this is, Spiritual cosmic dreamland, and in this article will be talking about my religious dreams, but let me explain first.
Now do not get me wrong, but I Frank Menchise (also known as Menfranco Laws on the Internet) believe in a modern or futuristic religious way, which would be a single religion built up from all existing religions; of course this is one of my day dreams that aims to do something different, for the benefit of all humanity. So if sometimes you think that I am ahead of time and ahead of myself and saying strange things that might not make sense presently, it is very likely that those things are new and they are still going to be understood and accepted from the public.
Anyhow hereunder I am publishing some of my spiritual dreams that I have dreamt during my life, I have reasons to believe that these dreams are really saying something to me and therefore I have to do something about them. So, I am writing these dreams here hoping to see whether you agree with me and believe that they have a spiritual meaning as well as I do, since these dreams seem to have reinforced my beliefs that I have to write about religions, and as you can see, I am writing religion now.
Anyhow, during the time that I was writing Dreamland, I had many deep soul-searching feelings going through my mind, and under below I have written some of those feelings that I had during that time, so let us hope that you the reader don't find it out of place, you see, for me when I think of something outside the accepted ways, I may classify those thoughts as day dreams and dreamland deals with both of them; at the same time I sometimes think that religions may only be a dream as well that we are willingly dreaming, because it gives us hope and a meaningful life; therefore in these religious writings they are all mixed up, because they are all part of Dreamland and anything can happen in dreamland see, Menfranco Dreamland Modified 7 including also the mystery of life itself, which I am writing part of it here under.
(This might be just the feeling of a love sick person, but it can also be the mystery of life)
And I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,
And one cannot exist without the other.
Therefore, if life cannot exist without love,
Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.
Dear reader whoever you may be, I want to tell you about this strange love episode since it has happened to me, during the younger part of my life I have heard many times that people fall in love so deeply, and this deep feeling of love may even change the way they believe and behave; but I did not believe it until one day it happened to me, so, let me tell you about me and how I did fall in love for a woman and how the love for this woman changed me; and the reality is that the love for this woman has really changed me completely.
(Now just to set the record straight, so that you don’t think that I am a sex maniac, I need to say here that my real love life has been only one and it has started with my wife; and by now I know that it will end with my wife, even though it has not been the best, we have to accept life just has it is; but let me go back to the love for this woman that I was telling you:)
Of course I guess that this must have been my destiny, because now I have reason to believe that through this emotional woman's love (and that's all what it was just love emotions and nothing else) God did set me up in such a way that I had to go back to him and serve him. Now if you want to know more about this passion of love without any love happenings you better read all my religious writings, that is, whenever I will be able to write them down, and there I will describe to you how God Almighty has driven me back to him through this woman love in his own mysterious ways.
I have also reason to believe that God is love, and God can be described in a parallel way with my love feelings for this woman, since they may be somehow one and the same thing in nature. So, the description of God will go like this:
And I feel that God is life, and life is God Himself.
And therefore, one cannot exist without the other.
So, if we believe in life, we have to believe in God.
And if we don't believe in God, we may as well be dead.
What I have written above is the prologue of the writings below; I have written them to show you what you could find written in this book. In this book I am going to talk about love feelings which usually go through any lovers' mind, and they are not just my own love feelings, because this is how God and Mother Nature combined control us, therefore they are just everybody else feeling as well, anyhow here I have to go back to my own emotional love feelings for this woman, because they have changed me psychologically, not only they have changed me psychologically and now I believe that people can fall in love; but the love for this woman at one point became like religious beliefs, and I did feel within myself this incredible experience, which could seem to most of us impossible to understand, because I felt that deep within my soul that the love for this woman and the love for God runs in a parallel way, and therefore the love for this woman could and would become religious for me and it would represent the love for God, and therefore I believe that God uses the natural forces within us to guide us wherever he wants.
So I can say that God has made me dream the impossible love dream, and now I have to try and reach the unreachable stars, the unreachable stars being these religious writing that I am writing here, which are not easy to write at all, and they are being written by me an untrained writer that has never written anything for the public, but now I am writing, because of this driving force within me that is why I am writing these religious writings.
Anyhow I believe that this post is becoming too long, so, we will talk about dreams in our next post called, some of my real dreams. See you soon.
If you believe in God 
Spiritual cosmic dreams
Next time with; some of my real spiritual dreams   
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Importand dreams and tuning in

Welcome to our blog, if you believe in God
and this post, important dreams and tuning in
Important dreams and tuning in
In our lives we dream many dreams, because some of our dreams seem very strange, we believe that these strange dreams come from somewhere, it feels like when we tune in our TV, once we tune in something new comes on the screen. Anyhow, some of our dreams seem to us more important than other dreams, so we will try harder to understand them. One of the most important dreams for me would be when I dream about God, and I have dreamed about God, as you are going to see in my text in this post.
Important dreams and tuning in
Dreaming and tuning in
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, understanding dreams for ourselves, where at the end we were saying that perhaps it is really possible that we could be able of tuning in some records held in the cosmos of the universe, or some spiritual forces that might be around us at the time when we are dreaming, because we feel that there might be a link here, so let us look at this example about our dreams:

We may dream of something, and when we wake up and start talking to a family member or a friend, they start taking about the same thing that we have dreamed before we start talking about it ourselves. Or perhaps we find that they have dreamed a dream very much like ours. Would it be just a coincidence? Is it possible that there is an external force that has made this possible? Or, is it possible that our minds are able to communicate our thoughts while we are asleep? Even if it is only in a very confuse way?

These happenings may also suggest that, there could be a force or a record available around us when we are dreaming and this happens, so it is easy for us to tune in the same stuff at about the same time; or perhaps, our minds may have a sixth sense about communication without words when we are asleep, but our minds have no control about these communications, and they happen only if they happen; perhaps when two minds by chance tune on the same wave length. But even this is still a chance that could become possible one day, that is that our minds would be able to communicate with each other, and perhaps one day in the far way future we will learn how to communicate properly. But then again I am writing here in dreamland where everything is possible, including dreaming the impossible dreams.

Anyhow, this sixth sense that we seem to have especially when we are dreaming, in theory could be able to tune in the cosmos of the universe, including the afterlife world which is part of it, therefore through this sixth sense it could become possible for passed-away people to give us coded messages in our dreams; anyhow this is what my forebears believed and told me when I was young. I am also saying this since lots of people that I know seem to dream about their deceased relatives and friends and they believe that those relative and friends want to tell them something; this is hard to say if it could be true that they want to tell us something, or it is just our wishful thinking; but we could look into it and at the same time try to understand our dreams.

Therefore, here I’d like to say something about what some dream could mean, and what one should be looking for, if one wants to understand one’s own dreams.

When we dream of passed away relatives of friends, are they males or females? Do we feel that they want to convey something to us? Do they seem concerned about us, or they seem normal? Is the dream easy or complex? And many other things we should ask ourselves.

Here I would like to say that most people believe that, to dream about a passed away man is a good omen, but a passed away woman is a warning, and the degree of the dream being easy or complex, is the degree that the dreamer may feel if anything happens similar to the dream.

It would be helpful to remember what sort of dreams one dreams, and the people that are in your dreams, whether they bring you happy tidings or warnings. And then keeping them in one’s mind which people bring happy tidings and which may bring warnings, whether they are alive or dead doesn’t seem to make any difference.

During my life I have had lots of dreams of all shapes and forms, and within these dreams there is a very special dream, and I believe that it really is a very special dream for me.

So, I would like to tell you my dream, because I believe that all our dreams help our mind to restore its balance, and this is one of those dreams that covers just about every need that a person needs in a dream, in order to adjust all, one’s own needs of the body, mind and soul. And it is perhaps for this reason that I put so much importance in this dream. And there is also another reason why this dream seems very important to me, it is because it has somehow changed my way of thinking, and perhaps my way of living.

Because in this dream I seem to have been mentally in touch with the cosmos, whether I have really been in touch with the cosmos or not it is not possible to prove, and it could turn out to be only all my mind work. But I like very much to believe that in my dream I got really in touch with the cosmos, and really I did reach the highest active life-force of the universe and therefore God, anyhow this post is going to be a longer post than usual, since I would like to complete it with this dream, I have dreamed about God;


I have dreamed about God

I have dreamed about God also, and I would like to share that dream with you; so, let me tell you the most important dream of my life, since this dream has indeed made some very deep changes to me.


There are times in our lives when we dream, and we think that our dream is a very special dream. And therefore we think that, that special dream has a special meaning for us. Therefore some of us want to believe in our dreams.

There are people who believe in the Afterlife, so they believe that they will go to Heaven or to Hell when they die, or perhaps they will go somewhere else. There are people that will swear that they have seen the Afterlife, in a dream or in a coma. But no one can prove it to you.

Anyhow I am saying this because I have dreamed a special dream and this is what I dreamed that night, the 18th April 1994, which happens to be one of my daughter’s birthdays, and I believe that this dream is a premonition dream.


This dream starts like this; I am at the top of a flight of stairs, in a very airy building, which is very much like a large shopping centre; there are a lot of people on this flight of stairs going about their business. But we all seem to be just standing there, nobody seems to move much or be in a hurry to move at all. I happen to be standing near a lady, and we both have intention to go down this flight of stairs, that is whenever the crowd gives us the chance. This lady that I am with seems to be my fiancé, and we are both to get married soon, in the same church I really got married. I am really trying to be nice and sweet to her, and I could not see any reason at all when all of a sudden she left me and everybody else, and somehow she managed to go down the flight of stairs and went away from me.

The dream fades a bit away here, but restarts somewhere else immediately.

And then, there I was floating in the air a few meters above the ground. (There are times when I dream that I am floating above the ground, or above a crowd of people, most times I feel stressed, and I try so hard to fly until I float above and over the people, or above and over my problem, whatever that problem might be). But this time I am floating uphill on a large hillside that resembles a hillside in the country that I came from: there is a small dirt road on this large hillside that will pass in front of the town cemetery on the way to town.

While I am floating, I am making the sign of the cross like when one is praying several times for unknown reasons, it was perhaps that I felt uneasy or in danger: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and again and again.

With some difficulties I float above and across an unknown bridge. But then the dream changes and, I am entering a church together with the same lady, that lady which I was with when I was at the top of the flight of stairs at the beginning of the dream. (This lady that I am with is supposed to be my wife, but she does not look exactly like my wife, mostly because, her hair style is like the Madonna that we used to carry around town, when there is/was a religious procession.) There are only a few pews in this Church that we have entered, and perhaps a dozen people sitting there. This Church is situated right at the top of a high hill. Its interior looks very ancient and tidy, it is very airy but small; one could say that it is only a Chappell. But the pries there is the best pries one can ever have, because the pries there is God Himself.

I and my lady companion go to sit in a pew, she sits so far away from me, so, I try to sit closer to her and be nice to her, but she gets up and goes away, just as she went away when we were standing on the flight of stairs at the beginning of the dream.

After she left I kept sitting on the same pew in the church, and I was wondering why she had left me so suddenly, then I turned my head around and saw that on this special golden-stone-floor as only the ancient people used to build the Priest appears, or should I say that God Himself appears, or perhaps it is the Holy Spirit that appears to me. He is/was a middle aged man of martial appearance, taller than an average man but not a lot taller, well dressed but His cloths were only normal everyday cloths, I could say that He is the most perfect man that I have ever seen. Suddenly I found myself beside Him and He placed one of His hands on my head, and His other hand on my back, just where my back is usually sore, and then He said: THIS MAN IS A BIT OLD, BUT SO WHAT!! And then again while He was putting a bit more pressure where my back pain usually is: BUT SO WHAT!! (As if whatever the matter was with me, the outcome would make no difference at all). And then He let me go.

So I moved away from Him to go back to my sit, but before I sat down at my sit I turned around, and from where I was I could see Him again on that golden-stone-floor, as He (god) was turning away from us and leaving us. At the same time I became aware that He was carrying in His hand a large hoop as His symbol of power.

The hoop seemed to be about eighty centimetre plus in diameter, and attached to the hoop there were about two dozen little hangers, and on each of these hangers there were several small pieces of material like cloth, He (God) just touched one of those pieces of cloth as to demonstrate: and from the four corners of the church; I heard voices which sounded like, as if all the molecules of air were talking with a single voice, and they were saying: He touches one of these pieces of material, and He knows everything up to the smallest possible existing particle.

Here my dream slowly fades away.

What a shock one can have to dream about meeting God, so, later on when I woke up in the morning I thought; maybe I am going to die soon? Perhaps that's the reason why I had this dream about meeting God.

This is what I mean when I say that I dream about God. But anyhow here I have to tell you a bit more about my health; you see, I had been sick for a long time with arthritis, and I had taken so many pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and I had also had two cortisone injections in my shoulder in order to release my frozen shoulder. All those drugs that I took during that time, I believe that they had weakened me and also my heart muscle. Now here I am speaking only from my own personal experience of course, but I know for a fact that the anti-inflammatory drugs are believed to cause stomach ulcer and other side effect, but I also believe that the heart muscle becomes weaker from the prolonged use of such drugs, because those drugs work by making the blood thinner, and when the blood is thinner the heart works less, and when the heart work less that it should for a very long time it becomes weaker. So, you see, I was sick with arthritis, and I was making myself sicker by taking those drugs for several years. At the time when this happened the doctors did not know or they were not sure what the side effects of those drugs were for a long time, so they did not warn you of those dangers. Now let me go back to my illness, there were times when suddenly I would feel weaker and I thought that it was my illness, but now I believe that it was my medicine because it was making my blood thinner, and by doing so it was making my heart weaker, or perhaps my heart was weakening from some other reasons, which I did not know.

During my long illness, I believe that I have also suffered a mild sort of thrombosis; I would like to describe what happened to me and how I felt, when this happened and also how I felt afterward.

One evening when I went to bed I felt rather tired, and because of my arthritis I usually tried to sleep face up and straight, and only with a small pillow under my head, so that my back would lay straight. During one of those nights while I was sleeping in such a position, I felt as if something was laying over me, and it was trying to suffocate me (some people would describe this feeling, as if there was an evil spirit sitting on their tummy and it wanted to suffocate them). Then when I woke up in the morning and tried to get up I could not get up as usual, finally I managed to get up but it was too hard to get up, and I felt terrible. I felt like a zombie, I felt as if the lower part of my brain was asleep and couldn't function properly, and this feeling of being like a zombie was with me for several months, then it slowly started lifting away.

During the time that I felt like a zombie, in the morning it was very hard for me to move normally or do anything in a rush, I felt so bad and lifeless, and for a few months I used to walk around the house or in the backyard, just to get my circulation going in order to feel normal. When I was sitting I would feel as if the chair that I was sitting on was moving from under me, bur really it was not, because it was my head that was shaking instead; at that time I also felt much weaker, although my muscles were still there, but where was my strength? Anything that I did seemed to be much harder than before, I was short of breath even by just walking, I was really in a bad way, and I did not know what to do to make myself better.

When I went to see the family doctor, he said that he could do no much for me. He said that I had been very sick, and that I was aging much sooner than I should have aged, and for aging there is not much that one can do; so I was stuck with it.

Therefore, when I dreamed about God in the dream which I have written above, the thought that I was going to die was possible. But as the time went by, I started to realise that the dream could not mean that I was going to die; but it could very well mean that God had saved my life. Because God by coming into my dream and doing what He did sowed in me the seed of hope, and also the will to fight back, I did not know how to fight back to regain my health then, and I thought that all I had to do was to wait and see.

Later on, I will try to write and explain myself more about what I think this dream has meant for me.

Now that I have written above I dream about God, which is also the most important dream of my life, I need to continue and tell you the outcome of such important personal dream, so I need to tell you how and where this dream is taking me. I have to say that this dream plus other religious dreams that I have had in my life time have taken me to write these religious writings.


Anyhow, there would be more spiritual dreams that we could talk about, in our next chapter that we are going to call; Cosmic spiritual dreams. See you there?

If you believe in God.  Important dreams and tuning in
Next time with; cosmic spiritual dreams   
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