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Man needs God 3

Man needs God
Why man needs God

Welcome to our hub (3) Man needs God

May God guide and help us say the right religious things?
Man needs God

There are people who believe that God is an invention of our human mind and we invented God because we needed God; if they are right or not we don't know, what we believe is that man needs God, and it would be good if God really exists.

On Mount Sinai Moses met God in the form of a burning bush, the burning bush spoke and said I am Yahweh the God of Abraham and other things. The Israelite needed a God to help them and Moses brought their God back when they needed God most.

Man needs God
Or in this case we should say, may God of the universe Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah belonging to the God of Abraham and those gods belonging to other religions, like Braham, Vishnu and Shiver    and other gods that we don’t even know their names, guide and help us to say the right religious things in this religious article?

We believe that man needs God, but then the question arises, why man needs God? Here we could say, because it has been so since the beginning of recorded times, and perhaps even before that, but there is no record before that because then we were not able to leave any signs of our beliefs, therefore, we have to say that we know that mankind has always felt the need to have a supernatural force like God, since mankind learned how to record anything by writing or drawing on the wall of caves so to speak, in those ancient writings or drawings there are signs that man believed in God and also of spiritual things that cannot be explained easily. For instance how can we explain when we find that the ancient people buried their dead with food beside them, as if the dead could and would eat? The only explanation we could think of was that they believed that there was/is life after death and therefore there is a spiritual soul and also God.

So, Let us just imagine In the beginning, how the ancient people could have worked out that there was a God, we have to admit that we don’t exactly know how this happened, but somehow this belief was born, perhaps it was the fear of the unknown that started this belief, or they might have seen things that could not be explained easily, perhaps even dreams could have started some of these spiritual beliefs, let us just imagine a very primitive person dreaming about one of his past close relative, I am sure that he would think that this spirit or soul had visited him, so this could have started the belief about spiritualty and the afterlife, and then slowly these beliefs changed to believing that there was a God, well this is just one way of looking at religious things; but what other reason they might have had to invent God; of course if we think about it we know that there are many other reasons why man needs God, so let us look at a few of them. 

Man might have invented God  

Mankind might have invented God, because man needs God since we feel the need a powerful strong leader that would be able to protect us if we need protection, so God is the best entity that can fulfil that, we could add to that, man need God because God is hope for those that need hope most. We have to say that all this set up is strange because we don’t see God, but we believe in God anyhow just because other people have told us about God; of course there are other people saying that God is all an invention of our mind, so we need to review our beliefs and see what would be the best way to discuss about this very important issue.

Today while I am editing this article, there are religious wars going on in the Middle East and North Africa, so we have to be very careful when our humanity needs for God becomes an obsession and some extremist use their own God beliefs to wage a war for their own benefit, our views on this is that if we have invented God, then we should make sure that our God is a benevolent and merciful God and not a warmonger; you see we humans are very strange, we like things to be always in our favour, but let us go back to our main concern here, which is man needs God.      

Now, since we believe and have some proof that man needs God, today in this article we will discuss about the existence of God, which can be at least three ways: God exists because God created everything and therefore he is the creator, this is of course is very close to what the Bible says; God exists because he is the spiritual force of the entire universe, or God exists because life exists and God is the active life force of the entire universe, therefore everything living is a tiny part of God and altogether they are the life of the entire universe. Now, we believe that this last part of God being the active life force of the entire universe is probably the type of God that most people could readily accept. But we will talk about this later on in our philosophic religious writings.  

Then there is also the fact that man needs God for many reasons, which we are trying to explain it in many ways in these religious articles that we are writing here, but that of course will become self evident as we continue to write religious articles. You see in this case we need to be like the philosopher and we should discuss these issues in many ways, and in the end accept what we find is most appropriate. So these writing are about philosophy and religion together, it is the only way that it would make sense to the present generations, but let us continue to see why man deeds God.


Man needs God/s

We need to say that today most people believe in the existence of God, because that is what we have been taught from our forbears; but there are some people like the atheists that believe that God does not exist at all, and therefore for them it would be wrong to teach people about God, because we would be lying to these young people; not only that, but according to the atheists this believing in God does more harm than good. Here one would like to ask them, what harm could be there that we don’t know yet? Because as we all know we have believed in God and religions for a very long time and we do not see any harm in it, but at the same time we have to admit that religions have made some bad mistakes in the past and some of them continue to make mistakes even today.

There is also the fact of how people would react to this new atheist concept that there is no God; How would the people accept this sudden change? You see we believe in the existence of God and we believe that man needs God. Therefore, at least for the present time God cannot be replaced by a complete religious vacuum, because with no direction from heavens above those who believe in God will feel lost and this will result in a lot more harm than good.  

Therefore we are saying here to the atheists that man needs God, now and in the future; you see we believe in God, so we are writing these religious writings in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, since we believe that something positive needs to be done to help religions survive the atheist attack in the future, therefore here we are in search of how we could achieve that; so, in these religious writings we would like to find and describe what options we have, while we are going in search of new ways how to do that and also in search of ourselves in a religious way, so we need to philosophize and discuss religions in many ways, until we find something that makes sense even to the atheists, this is what we are looking to achieve with these religious writings. We would like to do that in order to overcome some religious mistrust that exists today and we already know that a new religious theory needs to be written from scratch, and we are going to do that when we write our theory of, Reconciliation of the universe. But now let us talk about our religious mistrusts. 

Religious mistrusts

There are reasons to believe that religions unites people, since people would like to belong to a group of people and religions do that beautifully, but at the same time religions are not all the same, so people form separate groups and this gives rise to mistrust of the other groups, and this is another one of the problems that religious people need to fix soon. In the past this was not so obvious, because everything was moving slower, and therefore you could belong to a group of religious people and would not know about the existence of other religious groups, but today things move very fast and this brings an extra problem, because we soon learn what the other groups of people are up to. 

Since today in the religious world there are mistrusts between religions, first of all we will be looking for religious options that could improve links between religions, since this seems to be one of these days’ problems. But, in order to do that we need to go over our religious human history to see how and why humanity has believed in God and religions for a very long time, as we are doing right now, and after learning that we will try to explain in a better way, why man needs God in the best way possible, and this is the main theme of this religious hub that we are writing here.

Therefore, let us say once again Welcome to my hub called, Man needs God; in this chapter we will be talking about religious views and conversations about the proof of the existence of God; There is more to God that just definitions, Religious views and conversations, Future gods and possible descriptions, God of the future, Praying for reconciliations and guidance; in other words here we are going to start viewing how God could or would be like in the future.

Written hereunder are some of our religious views and conversations about the proof of the existence of God.

In the previous chapter and above we have already talked about many religious issues including the atheists, who are people that do not believe in God, so here we would like to point out to them that they might be wrong assuming that God does not exist, because God may really exists and hereunder we are going to try to provide the proof of the existence of God, therefore we are writing part of this article to let those atheists know that God really exists and why God exists, you see most of this is in our own personal beliefs, so let us talk about it:

Some of our religious friends and I believe that since the beginning of recorded times mankind has always searched for a God and they wanted God to exist, there are many reasons why mankind has done that, and some of the reasons may well be the followings: Mankind want to believe in God because they don't know why they are living on this planet earth, or they may feel the need to be protected from anything that is stronger than themselves or anything that cannot be explained; but does God really exist one may ask? We believe that nobody is able to say for sure that God exists; but most of us will agree that man needs God for many reasons, so hereunder we are trying to prove that God really exists, not only because Man needs God, but because God does really exist, even if this God could be a bit different from the God we have been told to believe in, so let us see how this God would be like and why God exists. 


Proof of the existence of God

What is written here under is our theory about the existence of God, because God exists and man needs God:

Dear readers, in order to overcome some issues that exist today about religious beliefs, we are going to try and present religious beliefs in a futuristic way; so, let us say that we are going to describe religions in a philosophical way instead of the fixed ways that religions have been using and are still using today, so that it would be easier to prove the existence of God, so let us see how we could describe God.

God does exist because you and I exist, if God did not exist then you and I could not exist. In general terms we could say or we might have to assume that life is God and God is life itself, therefore one cannot exist without the other, this is the only way that we could use to explain God and life and all the spiritual things we believe in as well, if we do that, then it would be hard for those people that do not believe in God to prove that God does not exist, because in our case God would represent life itself, and since life exists God should also exist.

We also have to assume that my God might not be exactly as your God or the God described in the Bible, but God exists because God represents the existing life on earth; having said that we know that it is not going to be enough for everybody to accept what we have just said. Therefore we need to prove how and why God exist, and there are many ways and many points that need to be described for the whole world to accept our theory of the existence of God. So, let us start to describe one of our theories, which happen to be perhaps the most removed from today religious beliefs, but at the same time it could be the one that just about everybody might accept. So, with this explanation here we would like to assume that God must exist at least by definition, because there is nothing else that can take God’s place as the life giver of the entire universe.

What do you mean about that I can hear you say?

What we are trying to say here is that whatever sort of god is there he/it needs to be defined or perhaps we should say described if you see what we mean. What we are trying to say here is that God does not need to be the creator of everything, as he is described in the Bible and religious people want us to believe, in fact in our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, which is going to be the last part of these religious and philosophical writings, God is the modifier of the existing forces of the universe and through this God-life-force the present existing life has been made possible on earth, so, let us say again here that God exists by definition, as God is all life energies of the universe that make life possible and without God there cannot be any life at all.

You see apart other things; we need to give a name to the existing life force of the universe, because this is the life force that makes life possible on earth and perhaps everywhere else in the universe; do you see what we mean? I say what other name can we give to this life force? Perhaps God is the only name that is suitable to describe this life force.

Did you hear what I have just said? What other name can you give to the life force that makes life possible on earth? Therefore God exists at least by definition and there is no doubt about it. If any of you who read these religious writings thinks that we are wrong let us know. Because we believe that God must exist at least by definition, but there is more to God than just definitions.


There is more to God than just definitions

There is more to God than just definitions; but we are writing these philosophic discussions here first of all to prove that man needs God and also to prove that God exists.

God is more than just a life force in the universe that makes life possible, because we believe that God is a life force in the universe that is capable of making his own decisions, therefore God can do things independently as it has got its own mind, so God would be conscious and guides the universe has he sees fit according to his own ways.

In our theory of God of the universe, God is not Omnipotent as today religions leaders want us to believe, so, God does not do things just by saying let it be light and there was light. But God uses what exists in the universe by starting a process that with the appropriate passing of time will change whatever he wants to change, so in a way God is still omnipotent, but not quite as we used to believe; we hope that this description will help to understand the possibilities of how God is or could be and so God exists, not only by definition; but God exists as God is the energy in the universe that makes life possible, so without this God’s energy life could not exist, and therefore we would not exist.

Why we have to accept the existence of God the atheists will ask?

Our answer to them will be because we need God; not only we need God; we cannot do without God, because God as we have already described above is the source of all life energy that exists in the universe. We believe that we have already said that in the beginning of this chapter; but for those who do not believe that God exists they have to accept that God exists, even if it is only the definition of the force that makes life possible on earth and we call it God.

Now, let us talk about some Religious views and conversations, so that we would be able to explain a bit more about what we have said above, as this is a new way of describing God.


 Religious views and conversations

Dear readers, now I feel that I really need to explain as briefly as possible our religious theory and what we believe we are going to do next: first of all we need to describe how we are going to convince everybody that what we are going to write here is worth to read and perhaps learn, or at least look closely at what we are going to say here, because what we are going to say and the way we are going to set this up might even convince some of the atheists that God really exists, because it will be described in a way that even atheists may think it could be possible . But to do that we need first to write our theory in a nutshell, so that people start seeing how this new theory could be and then later on we will write it in full.

So, let us philosophize and discuss this issue in a few ways, to start with, let us just imagine for a moment that all existing religions do not exist and God does not exist; will this solve the existing religious problem? We are sure it will not. Therefore we would be back to square one where we have to admit that we need God, now we need to look at ways of solving this argument hopefully for good, if we discuss this in a logic way and make the right decisions.

Now, let us just say that it is possible to study all religion and then try to take only that part that seems good for us and forget about the rest of it, if we really put all religions together and try to select the best part of them, we might be able to achieve just that.

In this chapter of man needs God we have already written that God exists even if it is just a definition of the forces that makes life possible on earth, but that energy or life force might not be enough for the people to accept as being God, and as we have said man needs God; therefore, now we are going to describe why we have also to believe in the existence of God.

The reasons why mankind believes in God, it is because most of us feel within ourselves that we need to believe in God and religions, so let us try to look from another point of view, so let us just say that we will always doubt whether God exists, or does not exist and see what advantage can we have, if we accept one or the other. I suppose that we will never be able to do that, because if that was possible it would have been already done ages ago.

Therefore, we believe that the most important thing we can do is try to find a new way that is able to achieve most of those issues. So, let us start from the beginning all over again and let us just imagine that we have to invent a new religion out of all existing religions including the knowledge that we have reached nowadays.

So, I suppose that we have to start to write down what sort of religion can be achieved from what we know and believe today. We have reason to believe that we should be able to achieve that because we have reached the age of reason, well at least some of us have; so, with our reasoning minds and by using this accumulated knowledge that we have today, we need to set up a religion that is able to be scrutinized and be able to be passed as possible by our own mental capacity and reasoning. So now, let us start to write about our Future God and religions possibilities; perhaps we should think that God might be even the universe itself and we live within God? You see even this might be possible, so, let us just imagine how we could describe God that everybody could accept.   


Future God and religious possible descriptions

Let us imagine God

God can be described in many ways, one of these ways has been described in the Bible and it seems to have worked well for a very long time, in fact it has worked for thousands of years, but today people start thinking that God might not exist at all, or that God might be different from the descriptions of God in the Bible, so, here we need to ask; what would be the best description of God that all the people might accept one may ask? Perhaps this description below might be an acceptable description for everybody.

There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life-force of the whole universe, every living thing is part of God life force and no living thing can exist without God, because God is life itself.

So, there cannot be life if there is no god life force, which by default we would call God?

Now that we have said that you can see that this new way of seeing God does not make God any less important than our old accepted way. However God in these descriptions is not the creator of everything, but God is only the creator of all existing life as we know it, or God is the starting force that has made life possible on earth, Mother Nature herself is part of God life force and came about just because the life force of God made her so.

Therefore, we have to keep in mind that God has always existed just like all celestial bodies have always existed, the celestial bodies have never been created from God, as they were there together with God, or God life force energies from the very beginning and they have been there forever. So, one may have to say that we live in this part of the universe and we are part of God life force, anyhow this is how we see God of the future.


God of the future

Hereunder is one of the many possible ways to describe God of the future. 

God-Most-High is the unseen life force of the whole universe.
The unseen cosmos and God is one and the same thing.
God uses this cosmos to communicate with everything.

Anyhow, this hub is becoming too long, so we will describe god of the future somewhere else, but before we conclude it, let me say a prayer to our Father, God-Most-High just to prove that we need God, and also in the hope that God would help me write those religious writings, which I am going to call, Prayers for Reconciliation.


(This section below will be removed from hub pages because it is very long and not describing why man needs God)

What we have written above is just one of the possible ways of the existence of God. You see to believe that God is the creator of everything is unsound, because it does not stand up to logic reasoning and this is one of the reasons that atheists point out to us, of course there are a lot of other reasons, which we will try to say something about them later on. We have to say that the atheists really have a long list of disagreement with the believers, so, to fix that it is going to take many long explanations, in order to set religious beliefs on a level field.

So now, let us see what the atheists say, to show you this we are going to use some conversations that we have had with some of our religious friends.

Hereunder are some religious conversations that we have had with our friends. We may usually have these conversations with or after meeting with some atheist’s acquaintances, because as you know they do not believe in God or religions at all, so here we have to try our best to find a way that would accommodate everybody religiously, whether they are atheist or believers.

First of all we need to explain that religions need to be modified, if we want to overcome these religious problems and I know that this can be done; you see, when we look at the history of religions there have been many changes every now and then, and what was believed for a long time slowly died away and was replaced from another form of religion. Perhaps not completely new but at least modified; so religious beliefs may be able to modify with time without any harmful effect to the believers.

Now the question arises; Are we at that stage when religion starts changing? If religion is slowly changing how and why it is changing?
There are a few causes that may change religious beliefs and one of the causes is that nowadays everything is changing very fast, and changes bring in other changes as we all know. What is the main cause one may ask?

Nowadays the computer brings knowledge to all people very fast, this new knowledge makes people ask questions, because they want to check out for themselves everything; so, soon or later they will not be satisfied about their own religious beliefs and will start abandoning the existing religions, unless these existing religions change in a way that satisfies the people.
Now since religious changes soon or later will be inevitable, this is what I see people accepting as the existence of God.

Now, since man needs God as we have already talked about above here is a description of God of the future, which can accommodate the believers and also those atheists unbeliever. 

Perhaps a god that is part of the whole universe and covers the whole universe may be acceptable to everybody, and then God can be described as the positive life energy that exists in the whole universe, so every living thing is part of this God’s life force.


God of the future 2

Hereunder is one of the many possible ways to describe God of the future.

God-Most-High is the unseen life force of the whole universe.
The unseen cosmos and God is one and the same thing.
God uses this cosmos to communicate with everything.
So, throughout the unseen cosmos of the whole universe,
God-Life-Force continually gives life to every living thing.
The cosmos radiates God’s medium for every living thing,
And God hopes that through it man would follow Him.
So, happy should be those who are able to follow Him.
For those who do, God has promised them eternal life.
So, follow God’s rules and you will save yourself forever.
But if you don’t; you would not find your way to salvation.
Even if this promised life salvation is going to be only spiritual, it could be worth believing it.

Dear readers these phrases that I have written above, we have shown to some of our religious friends some time ago and we have to say that our friends were astonished and were reflecting what we had written, and then they said; Frank, this god you are talking about could indeed overcome most if not all obstacles, which today exist in religious circles. Of course that can only happen if religions and religious people are willing to accept this new way of seeing god, and also are ready to change a little bit from the old accepted ways.
We were talking about these writings about God, when one of our friends pointed out to us that what we had said could not be enough, so he was wondering how we could describe this god and say who is God, not just what is God?
You see, they said; we are willing to help you while we are here.
Then, we started to work together on the definitions below, hoping that we would be able to explain who is God? Or at least try to explain who is God?

So, let us briefly describe the grandeur of God of the Universe.

There is only one true existing God throughout the universe.
This God is the positive active life-force of the whole universe.
Every living being or thing is part of this God life force.
No living thing can exist without God, since God is life itself.
Therefore, God is the life essence of the whole universe.
The grandeur of God is seen in the creation of every existing thing.
But God’s masterpiece is the creation of us human beings.
God loves us human beings because we act and are very much like him.
Since we are the top of all earthly life and God is at the top of everything.
But God’s greatest grandeur is shown in his mercy for us all human beings.

Dear readers, we know that what we have said above about God is already a lot, but when we talk about God any description seems never enough, so now let us just imagine outside the box so to speak.

Let us just imagine how God could be like, so, let me say to you what my heart and soul tells me because I have asked myself these questions.
If created things would speak for themselves what would they say about God?

When at night we look at the sky and at the stars, we would like to ask the stars;
Tell me you beautiful stars, who is God? Order those stars will answer us.
When in the gardens we see all these beautiful flowers, we would like to ask those flowers?
Tell me you beautiful flowers, 
who is God? Beauty those flowers will answer us.
If all living things and animals on earth were able to think, what would they say about God? They would say that God is life, since God has given life to them and to all human beings.
Let us just imagine just for a moment, if we were able to meet the wise leaders of the world in the future, we would like to ask those leaders about God?
Tell us you wise leaders of the world, who is God? I am sure that most of them would answer us: God is the active life-force that guides the whole universe; God is wisdom, God is order, God is beauty, God is life, and God is love; God loves every living thing because every living thing is a part of God Himself; but above all He loves us human beings because we re-sample Him, and in his great love and mercy He will forgive us all our life sins, if only we would repent if we have done any wrong doings and ask Him forgiveness; because God loves us beyond any human understanding he will forgive us, since He is our Father and we are all his chosen children, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are wise or stupid, whether we are young or old, whether we come from Africa, Asia or from anywhere in the world and our skin is different colour, we are all the same to God.
Therefore, it would be right for us to assume that we are God’s children and that God loves all of us; but at the same time during our lives we have to learn what God has done for us in the past, so that we may be able to understand our own situation.
The sacred book of the Bible, which is the book that many religions of the world have come from is full of many things, which God has done for us according to the writers of those time, and if we apply our intelligent minds and learn from it, we would be able to understand about the great love that God has for us, since God has send us many great people to guide the human race, from Moses to our Lord Jesus Christ.
As we all know there are a few religions that have come from the teaching of the Bible, and we will try to comment on these religions later on.

What I want to mention now and it would be good if we believe that in his love for us, God has sent to us the Savoir Our Lord Jesus Christ, who during his short life on earth has showed us by his own life example the way that we should live our own life, if we want to live our lives according to God The Father.
Now that I have explained to you about this post called; Let us just imagine. So, now I have to continue with whatever I can tell you next.

So, let me say a prayer to our Father, God-Most-High, in the hope that He would help me write those religious writings, which I am going to call, Prayers for Reconciliation.


 Praying God for reconciliation and guidance

Let me pray. 

With my personal concerns I come to you praying
 God-Most-High, master of the universe and life giver to every living thing, I am praying you for forgiveness of my sins and for reconciliation to thy eternal life force. I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and that you would make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul; so that I would be worthy to pray to you and write these religious writings according to your will.
Father, hear my prayer, forgive me my sins and bless me, so that I can live in harmony with thy spiritual and eternal life force, and in the hope that I can write these new religious writings according to your will. Amen!

Dear readers, now that I have said a prayer to God, I feel more confident that God might have heard my prayer. So, my dear reader let me inform you what I intent to do next. I am going to start from the very beginning, so that you could understand what has brought me to write these religious writings.
I believe that whatever happens in this world there will always be people that will believe in God and therefore religions, because it has always been like that and it will not change now. I am sure of that because that is the only way that humanity feels safe.

I suppose that some of you already would like to ask this; if you believe that what you are saying here is inevitable, then, what would be the best way to go about with this new religious theory?

I believe that there are not any easy answers to this question, as you all know in these religious writings we have already said that the Atheists believe that there is no god and god is really a human invention; if we were to accept the way of the atheists then there is nothing we have to do, we have just to accept that there is no God and that is the end of all religions?

But can you just imagine what a shock it will create to any believer, so it is evident that this atheist way cannot be accepted. Now, if we were to continue the present religious ways, it is obvious that as the time passes there will be more and more dilemmas, which the atheists or any agnostic person could be able to question our religious beliefs, because they do not add up so to speak.

These questions dear readers is the reason why we are writing these religious writings, because we believe that there could be a way out of these religious dilemmas. In order to do that we need to review our present religious beliefs, we need to see if there is a way that could be acceptable to everybody interested in these religious matters. We know it is going to be very hard to do that, but we have to try, because this could be the way that could save humanity from a greater religious disaster. You see if humanity would accept a modified religious version some pains could be avoided, we are sure about this.

I believe that I have said already too much in this hub. So, see you next time with our next hub, which might be called, Religions of the future, which is going to be another chapter and a small part of Prayers of Reconciliation.

May God guide and help us to sort this religious problem soon enough?


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