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Gino's comment

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Gino's comment

When people have meetings, they discuss many things, so everybody can have their say. In this post Gino one of the people at the meeting, is talking about what has been said at the meeting.

Gino's comment
These are Gino's comments
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, comments on Mark speech, where we said that we were going to ask Gino to comment, and this is what Gino said:
Let me talk about Mark speech first: I must say that Mark and I agree on most of these religious issues, so, there is no point in repeating them, I only would like to say a bit more about the last group of people who we call the atheists, as they need to be noted about their ways of thinking and speeches, especially when they try to ridicule the religious believers. I would say that any religious believer should avoid talking to any of them about religious matters, because soon or later those atheists are inclined to ridicule the religious beliefs of the believers, and because, they are usually good intelligent people, it is hard for any average religious believer to defend themselves from this group.
They attack believers usually by asking proof of the existence of God or any religious matter, so, Mark is right when he calls them the danger group of religious beliefs. We really need to think hard how to defend ourselves from this group, if we want to save religions and keep religions as close as they are today. Let me show you a few examples about what they usually talk about to get the believers off guard.
You believers say that God is Omnipotent, now if God is omnipotent then God should be capable to do anything at all no matter how difficult the task is.
Now, there are many things in the world that need to be fixed, why your God does not fix them? For these reasons, we say that your God most likely does not exist at all; and/or if God exists He is definitely not omnipotent, or he is not willing to fix anything, so, your god is not your fatherly benevolent God that you say he is. Therefore, your religious beliefs are flawed and you would be better off if you don’t believe in your God.
And they continue, we say and believe that we are right to assume that there is no God and religions are there only to control people. But that is not all that we want to say, because there is more to say about religious beliefs. You see, when we see that religions in a way fight with each other’s; then we believe that it would have been better if religions did not exist at all. Do you see what we atheist mean? For these reasons, we believe that there is no God.
This sort of reasoning goes on with many god’s attributes and they challenge the believers to give proof of the existence of God and its attributes. So, it is hard for any believers to give proof of God and its attributes. How can any believers give proof about God?
And god omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and many other God attributes?
This is how the atheists attack any believers with this sort of reasoning; they do that because for the atheists God and religion would be better if they did not exist. What can be done to change their attitude is hard to say. But then if nothing is done it can result in more harm to the community, because they will slowly make the believer deny their God. If that happens, then whatever religious guidance and restrains that religions have on the average believer will be lost, so, the world will be worse off, because of this denial of the existence of God and religions, this is what I wanted to say about Mark speech.
Now, let me see what I can say about what you just said Frank, I can see that you are trying to find a possible solution, but what sort of solution you could find you don’t know yet, it is just as I was saying it is hard to know what can be done; I have to say that there are times when I think that today’s religions are missing the point, they don’t know how to keep the people believing what they have always believed; because times are changing, but religions are not changing at all, as religious leaders fail to see the need to change.
Therefore, I understand you Frank when you say that something needs to be done, and I say also that perhaps it is time to do something about it and find a way around it. Looking at what has been said, I see something that perhaps can be done, so, may I suggest that we start to read the Bible bit by bit and comment among ourselves how many interpretations can we give to that part of the Bible, it might turn out that there are interpretations that can apply to these modern times.
I hope I have explained myself clear enough in this difficult religious task.
Your speech is clear enough for me I said; then I turned to Mark and asked: what do you think of Gino speech Mark? His speech is very clear for me too (said Mark); in fact, it is just about what I would have liked to say myself. But now, where do we go from here I don’t Know?
I suppose I need to say something myself now about what we have talked about; what I see here is the need to review what is written in the Bible, and also think hard if what has been written in the Bible had the right meaning at the time it was written the first time, but today it may not apply any more, and therefore, we may need to adjust these religious things, as the needs of the day suggest. So, let me write my own comment.
Frank's comment
Mark and Gino, now that we have talked about many religious issues, in these religious discussions that we are having, and what you have found for yourself, while you were talking to the people about religious subject, what religious people think and what atheist think, I hope that you may have changed your previous opinion, and therefore, now you might be thinking more like me; which is that something needs to be done to help religions find a way of peaceful existence, if peaceful existence can ever be found one day.
But at the same time, we have to agree that to achieve complete peaceful existence is not easy, because the way religions are today, therefore, I believe and I hope also that you agree with me that religions need to be reviewed and brought in line with the present times, which embrace many changes in all sorts of issues. Having said that, I have to say that at this present time nobody wants to listen to our religious approach, so, there is not much that we can do presently; but one can always start thinking about the possibilities, if one day something could be done to solve this religious problem for good.
In order to do that, let us imagine anything at all that could be able to help us achieve that, let our thinking minds run free with no limits imposed on them, let the sky and beyond be the limit, so that, we are free to think about anything at all.
If we do all this above, then, I believe that the only way that this could be achieved is to come up with a religious theory, which allows the existence of all religions as they are today; but at the same time finds a way and be able to show it clearly to the people that all religions are one link of the same religious chain, which links religions together, at the highest spiritual point possible; if we are able to do that, then it might be possible to do something about it. I know this is not as simple as it sounds, but if we keep looking for it we will find the way to show people that.
While searching the Internet, I have found that there was a philosopher called, Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677 who believed that it is more likely that God may not be just the way that religions want you to believe nowadays; but it could be that God was more like Mother Nature therefore it is more likely that we are all part of God, and God is everything, or at least every living thing in existence is part of God.
So, let us see what this sort of reasoning takes us; Let us assume that God could not be exactly how we have been thought God is like today; then it may well be that God is more like what Spinoza believed God was like, this may very well be the link that we need to find, in order to link all existing religions together.
Therefore, if we think a bit like Spinoza and add to the knowledge which we have today, we might be able to describe a god which could co-exist with all religions together.
So, let us put out minds together and see if we can describe this God for everybody; which we could call God-Most-High. Mark and Gino, what do you think of my idea?
My friends Mark and Gino said; well, it seems a bit strange to us, but your idea is an idea and it might even work somehow, so, let us try to make a list of how this god-most-high could be; just to see if we are able to find a way to Spinoza ways of thinking about, what is God?
Very well I said; you see, a while ago I was thinking this same thing, so I have already written something about, what is God? So, I am going to show you soon what I wrote:
Looking at the many things that we have discussed in this article, I think that we have said enough already in this article, but we will continue with these same religious discussions in next article called, God and the atheist; see you there.
May God help us find the right religious way? For this reason, I will be praying God to help me with this prayer:
Almighty Father, I am praying you with all my heart, my soul and my mind hoping that in your mercy you would guide and help me write these religious writings, Father hear my prayer, amen.
May God bless us all?
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Gino's comment
Next time with, God and the atheists

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