Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let me state my beliefs

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And this post called, Let me state my beliefs

Let me state if I may my beliefs; I believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, and He is the Creator and master of the whole universe, and therefore He is also the eternal positive and active life-force that keeps the whole universe alive, and guides the whole universe with his greater wisdom.
I believe in this God-Most-High who is the eternal unseen life-force that guides the whole universe, even though I could not see Him. And I believe also that the whole universe is full of many seen and unseen active things, and even though I cannot see these unseen active things I know that they are there and they are working together in a parallel way with the seen things; therefore, they are helping each other in the never ending life cycle of the whole universe, I hope that one day I will be able to describe in more details how I see this God life force.
I believe that since God-Most-High is the active life-force of all living beings in the universe, from the largest to the smallest living being or thing; it follows that all the life-force of living beings or things to God they shall return when they die.
Therefore, I believe that through God-Most-High-life-force every living creature receives their gift of life when they are born, and at the end of their lives their life-force will return to God-Most-High-life-force, and there in the spiritual form they will stay waiting for next round, if and when there is a next round.
I have good reasons to believe that the following is true, because it is believed that within this parallel spiritual world the highest order of all living beings that return to God’s life-force, may one day, be judged according to their lives’ deeds that is if and when there is a real judgment day. To understand better what I believe and mean about judgment and salvation you need to read that part of my religious writings called ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’.
I believe that God our father is the Creator of everything and drives the whole universe as He likes, since any existing things in the whole universe belongs to Him, that is everything at all: Like the earth and everything on it; like the growing vegetation on land and in the sea; like all sorts of fishes and animals, and all mankind irrespective to where a person is born and to which race that person belongs; and He is also the master of the stars and all other celestial planets, and all celestial beings material or spiritual in the whole universe. You will understand my own views of how God-life-force is everywhere in the universe at the same time, when you read my theory about the living God-life-force of the universe, in my writings of Reconciliation of the Universe.
I believe that God is our heavenly father and to Him we should turn for help when we need any help, this makes sense, because we have to believe that since any good father loves to help his own children; it should follows that God who is the best father of them all should like to help us more than anyone of us thinks possible, and that would happen only if we turn to God our Father and praying ask for his help; let us not forget that!
Therefore during our lives, let us always pray God our Father whenever we feel threatened helpless or concerned about ourselves and also for the rest of the world, and also when we need his guidance or help, in order to do the right things and live according to God’s will.
As it happens just now I feel like that I need to pray God for help, since I feel concerned with this struggle that’s taking place within myself, which is like this: While I struggle within my mind with these thoughts, I keep asking myself whether or not I have to write these religious writings, not only because I am not a good writer and it is not going to be easy for me to write them; but also because I foresee that I could encounter many problems while I am writing them right now, and also in the future only because I have written them.
So, I may as well start praying God hoping that God would help me overcome my concerns!
Now, let me explain myself here, where I stand in relation to these religious writings and my own background; just because I am a Roman Catholic born I have been taught to pray like one, and therefore, I have only been able to modify my ways of praying to a certain extend through my own beliefs. So, today I am praying to the living God who is the active God-Life-Force of the whole universe thus:
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy-Spirit, I am praying and humbly asking you God-Most-High and Eternal Merciful Father for your help. I am praying because I feel from within my heart that I have been called to write these religious beliefs, and that I should write them in order to help humanity understand my own religious beliefs. So, Father if it is your will and you would want me to write them; then you would have to help me, because I would not be able to write them without your help.
So, first of all I pray you Father to let your guiding force guide me to write the right things in these religious writings, and then, because I am concerned about writing them for my own safety, help me overcome my concerns and fears about writing them.
Father, hear my prayer and help me to write them, and also help me to overcome my concerns and fears! Amen.  
May God bless us all?
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogs and pleasant email surprise

Welcome you are invited to my blog, If you believe in God
This post is called, Blogs and pleasant email surprise
Blogging may sometimes give you some surprise. The day after the third meeting I checked my email and found just what could be helpful to these religious writings; my friend who wants to be called on the Internet Frank@yahoo has written a post in a blog that we share.
Therefore, this is the continuation of the blog therewith; it is also a reply to the post of Frank@yahoo and other matters that have come up recently:
The post in the blog called, Religious Reconciliation, my fried Frank@yahoo  express his concerns about religious matters, he is saying in his own clear ways that he agrees with me, because his concerns are mostly like my own concerns on religious matters. So, now I feel relieved from his agreement, and I am more willing to continue my search about my own idealistic world Religious Reconciliation and how to achieve that, no matter how long it is going to take me to get it started.
My friend Frank believes that religions are going to face hard times in the near future; and this is part of what he wrote in his post:
The Atheists group is formed largely from well educated people, and therefore, when a discussion arises they are able to put a strong case about their non beliefs, so the followers of religious groups, which are a large part uneducated, are left in a disadvantaged position. This may give rise to the believers losing their faith and moving away from their own religions.
My views are these: As the Atheists as a whole does not see that if they destroy religions, they are going to create much bigger problems in the whole world; I have to agree with my friend that we need to question ourselves which side to take.
Fran also believes that it is very important to keep religions, as close as possible the way they are, because, RELIGION AND GOD IS HOPE FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST, I believe he is right, so, I don’t need to question myself which side to take, I know that I am a religious person and that I will follow religion, as there is a deep belief within me. I know that atheists seem to be able to win the case, if we look only at simple ways of reasoning, because what they say stands up to reason.
But, I believe also that if all religions find a way to get together the atheists could not win the case, because their case is based mostly on the fighting that those religious extremist exercise, so we need to find a way how all existing religions could live in a peaceful way.
Since I have opened this blog, I have always thought that if I had some religious links, which express the willingness of any religious leader to find the way to religious reconciliation I would post them in my blog.
Today I have some good news about that, because I received an email with links from the Vatican, with request and permission that I could use those links in my blog.
Those links are about music from the Vatican, I know it does not sound much to start with, but it is a start and I am posting then hereunder, so that anybody can see and hear and enjoy what is going on. I hope they work. 
Thanks to Peter Ruppert from the Vatican, here are the links including some explanations:   

Music project on behalf of Geffen/Universal.
The project is called Music From The Vatican link below;  
The album is entitled Alma Mater and is recorded in the honour of the Virgin Mary.
To find out more about this project immediately, please view this YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/musicfromthevatican
 Feel the grandeur of god’s creation on earth; see what they do at the Vatican, feel the great love that the Virgin Mary has for us all and many other things, it is very exciting and beautiful, so it is worth to give it a go.
I have to say that what interests me most is the fact that the pope is going to meet another religious leader, and in doing so he may start the process of reconciliation.
May God bless you all?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let us just imagine God

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If you believe in God What or who God is
You are invited to this post called, Let us just imagine God, here you can browse as long as you like, and then take part in the discussions that follow if you wish. -

If created things would speak for themselves what would they say about God?
When at night I look at the sky and at the stars, I would like to ask the stars;
Tell me you beautiful stars, who is God? Order those stars will answer me.
When in the gardens I see all these beautiful flowers, I would like to ask those flowers;
Tell me you beautiful flowers,who is God? Beauty those flowers will answer me.
If all living things and animals on earth were able to think, what would they say about God? They would say that God is life, since God has given life to them and to all human beings.
If I were able to meet the wise leaders of the world, I would like to ask those leaders;
Tell me you wise leaders of the world, who is God? I am sure that most of them will answer me: God is the active life-force that guides the whole universe; God is wisdom, God is order, God is beauty, God is life, and God is love; God loves every living thing because every living thing is a part of God Himself; but above all He loves us human beings because we resample Him, and in his great love and mercy He will forgive us all our life sins, if only we would repent and ask Him forgiveness; because God loves us beyond any human understanding, since He is our Father and
we are all his chosen children, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are wise or stupid, whether we are young or old, whether we come from Africa, Asia or from anywhere in the world and our skin is different colour, we are all the same to God. Therefore, it would be right for us to assume that we are God’s children and that God loves all of us; but at the same time during our lives we have to learn what God has done for us in the
past, so that we may be able to understand our own situation.
The sacred book of the Bible, which is the book that many religions of the world have come from is full of many things, which God has done for us according to the writers of that time, and if we apply our intelligent minds and learn from it, we would be able to understand about the great love that God has for us, since God has send us many great people to guide the human race, from Abraham, Moses and all the prophets up to our Lord Jesus Christ.
As we all know today there are a few religions that have come from the teaching of the Bible, and I will try to comment on these religions later on. What I want to mention now is the fact that in his love for us, God has sent to us the Savoir Our Lord Jesus Christ, who during his short life on earth has showed us by his own life example the way that we should live our own life, if we want to live our lives according to God The Father.
All these things we have discussed at our meeting, and now, having done so much work at this meeting we were all feeling tired, I was thinking that we did not even mention anything about the
last meeting, which ended while we were talking the very end of the Bible and what it meant: but anyhow we have done enough this third meeting, so I never said anything to my friends about that and went along with them, so we stopped our religious meeting and spend the rest of the time as friends usually do, having a drink together and chatting light enjoyable small talks. I suppose we will start talking again next time.

May God bless us all?
If you believe in God
Let us just imagine God
Next time with, another religious post
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Monday, January 9, 2012

What or who God is

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If you believe in God
What or who God is
You are invited to this post called, What or who God is; here you can browse as long as you like, and then take part in the discussions that follow if you wish.
What or who God is
My dear friends, as I have said in my last post we need to describe God, in other words in order to neutralize the non believer atheists we need to describe God in such a way that it would be hard for the atheists to discredit it. I suppose that now that you have seen for yourselves what religious people think and what atheist think, I am sure that you might start thinking more like me, which is that something needs to be done to help religions find a way of complete peaceful existence.
To achieve complete peaceful existence is not easy the way religions are today, therefore, I believe that religions need to be reviewed and brought in line with the present times; but nobody seems to listen to my approach, so there is not much that one can do presently; but one can always start thinking about the possibilities.
Now, the only way that this can be achieved is to come up with a theory, which allows the existence of religions as they are; but at the same time finds a way and shows it clearly to the people that all religions are a link of the same chain. I know this is not as simple as it sounds, but if we keep looking we will find the way.
I have found that there was a philosopher called, Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677 who believed that it is more likely that God may not be just the way that religious people want us to believe nowadays; but it could be that God is/was more like Mother Nature therefore it is more likely that we are all part of God and God is everything or at least every living thing in existence.
Now if God could not be exactly how we believe god is like; then it may well be that God is more like what Spinoza believed god was like, this may very well be the link that we need to find in order to link all existing religions together.
Then if we think a bit like Spinoza and add to the knowledge which we have today, we might be able to describe a god which could co-exist with all religions together.
So, let us put out minds together and see if we can describe this God for all; which we could call God-Most-High.
My friends Mark and Gino soon wanted to know what was my God like, so I described to them thus:

What is God?   

God-Most-High is the unseen life force of the whole universe.
The unseen cosmos and God is one and the same thing.
God uses this cosmos to communicate with everything.
So, throughout the unseen cosmos of the whole universe,
God-Life-Force continually gives life to every living thing.
The cosmos radiates God’s medium for every living thing,
And God hopes that through it man would follow Him.
So, happy should be those who are able to follow Him.
For those who do, God has promised them eternal life.
So, follow God’s rules and you will save yourself forever. 
But if you don’t; you would not find your way to salvation.

At this point my friends were astonished and were reflecting what I had written, and then they said; Frank, this god you are talking about could indeed overcome most if not all obstacles, which today exist in religions. Of course that can only happen if religions are willing to accept this new way of seeing god, and also are ready to change a little bit.

But now we are wondering how we could describe this god and say who is God, not just what is God? We are willing to help while we are here.
Then, we started to work together on the definitions below, hoping that we would be able to explain who is God? Or at least try to explain who is God?  

                                WHO IS GOD?
So, let me briefly describe the grandeur of God of the Universe.
There is only one true existing God throughout the universe.
This God is the positive active life-force of the whole universe.
Every living being spirit or thing is part of this God life force.
No living thing can exist without God, since God is life itself.
Therefore, God is the life essence of the whole universe.

The grandeur of God is seen in the creation of every existing thing.
That is where God’s masterpiece is the creation of us human beings.
God loves us human beings because we act and are very much like him.
Since we are the top of all earthly life and God is at the top of everything.
But God’s greatest grandeur is shown in his mercy for us all human beings.
Now that we have described, what or who God is; do you think that this description would help solve our religious problems? I suppose it is worth to try.
If you believe in God
What or who God is
Next time with, another religious post, Let us just imagine God
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