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About the Bible and revelation

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About the Bible and revelation

The seven headed beast of Revelation, is described in the last chapter of the Bible

My say about the Bible and Revelation
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, John’s religious speech, where Mark and Gino had said something about John’s speech and I was about to say something myself, so, let me continue. Look Gino and Mark, I know that we have our own personal things to attend to, so, we should go our own ways; but, let me say first a few more things about what I believe the Bible is like, before we go our own ways and do what we should do.
I believe that the Bible is two books in one, or perhaps several books all expressed in one single book, so, the Bible may have several meanings as well, and not just one religious meaning as it is being used today. Therefore, one has to be careful to attach just one single meaning to the entire Bible. Because, even though we know that the Bible has been used as a religious book for a very long time; we should also know that the Bible is a law book and an history book for the Israelite. You see, it is stated clearly in the Bible that it is a law book, they say that it is all God’s laws, as it is shown in the Ten Commandments for a start.
So, let us just assume that there is (was) this real God, who talked to Moses and that this God has laid down the laws as written in the Bible. But then one would like to ask; did this God really talk to Moses every single time Moses had to write these laws? Or perhaps sometimes Moses wrote his own laws, which were designed my himself according to the need of the times when he lived. So that, he could control his people as best as he could?
Of course what I have said (written above) is just an example, but with this Moses’ example I want to point out that this could be the case for just any other laws and religious writing in the Bible; so, one has to assume that not everything written in the Bible is God words or inspired by God, because it is subject to manipulation from the writer himself and from future writers as well.
Having said that I can now assume that, the book of Revelation in the Bible that we have been talking about with John. I believe that it could have been written like that, just because it needed to be written like that, at that particular tough time in history. You see, in those times, people were more violent than today, and also, most of the known world of those times was under the Roman rules, these Roman rules were very harsh; so, very likely the Bible Revelation was intended as being the end of the Roman rules and not the end of the world.
Therefore, this is one of the reasons why, I do not believe in Revelation and tribulation as written in the Bible, or I should say as most of the people want to understand it today, because I believe that it is not going to happen that way at all, because it is an almost impossible to happen just the way that it has been written in Revelation, anyhow it may have already come to pass, as the Roman empire has ended a long time ago.
Therefore, I feel that, if Revelation is going to happen as it is written in the Bible. And therefore, I am wrong in assuming that it is not going to happen and could not happen. Then, because I still want to write these religious writing and review the Bible, I may have reasons to believe that I am being used from God, or God’s life force energies of the universe, (if you start thinking that God might just be a life force.) Because, I would feel then, that I am being used as the forerunner of Revelation, and I am announcing that the first seal in Revelation is about to be (broken) opened, and therefore, Revelation is truly going to happen soon just the way it is written in the Bible. But let us hope that it does not and could not happen anyhow, and so, I am writing this to guide people away from this mistaken religious view.
Here I turned to my friend and said. Well, this is all what I wanted to say today, before we all go back to our own business, thanks for listening.
The end of time personal views
After this meeting that I had with my friends, where we talked about the issues that we have written above, every one of us went our own way. So, I was left all by myself and I was still thinking what we had discussed at that meeting. While I was thinking about that, I became aware that not all the people that read religious pages may know what is meant by Revelation in the Bible. So, I thought that it would be helpful to explain very briefly to the public, what the Bible book of Revelation talks about.
The book of Revelation is the last book of The New Testament in the Bible, and it predict how the world will end, since according to the writer John, God wants the world to end on his terms (this John is not John who wrote one of the gospels). Now, whether Revelation is only a scary description to make people stronger in their religious beliefs, so that, they would follow their religion more closely, or it is something that is going really to happen nobody knows even today, so, the whole thing is open for discussions, and everybody can believe whatever they want to believe, so, let us discuss it a bit more here, this end of time warning of the bible.
As I have said and I am saying in this article, if what is written in revelation about the end of time is really going to happen, then because I am writing these religious writings, I am being used from God as the forerunner of Revelation, where I am announcing that the first seal is about to be opened. But at the same time I do not see that it is possible for me to be said forerunner for Revelation.
However, we believe that some religious changes are going to happen in the future, and whether they happen as it is written in the Bible, or something similar, it does not really matter much, as long as these changes happen. Anyhow, these changes will bring a new system somehow, so that, then the threat and warning of Revelation will cease to exist. Because then, Revelation could be said that it has taken place, since a new religious system would have been installed.
So, I am not particularly concerned about those threats in Revelation, because in one way or the other we will fulfil God’s will.
For the time being we may accept this explanation above, of course we are going to talk again and again about this subject later on in these religious writings.
To anyone that wants to see more of these religious writings can go to this web address:
Anyhow, I believe that I have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post called, more discussions about the end of times.
See you soon.
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About the Bible and revelation
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