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The Bible and today violent happenings

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The Bible and today violent happenings

One of the Yemen photo that the suicide bomber caused. It is really shocking that religious people can cause so much destruction, when religions should really stand to bring peace and good will to the entire world.

Our religious book the bible is the most read book in the world, it covers all Christian religions and also the Muslim religions, as most of the Koran talks about the same God of the Bible and Abraham.

The Bible and today violent happenings
Dear readers, this could be the continuation of our previous post, comparison of prayers, even though it is not closely connected to it, however it is still a religious post, where we are having some biblical discussions. So, we are going to talk about, what is happening in the world today. Because, while I have been editing this article, I have concluded that one really needs to ask oneself whether today violent happenings, have a link to what is written in the Bible, because what is happening is really of biblical proportion and it’s worrying the entire world, so let us just mention what is happening, and then, try to compare it with what is written in the Bible.
We should say here that every time I read, or come back to review and edit one of my articles, there is always something else that could be added to it, because of those events that happen in the world these days. While I am editing this article is March 2015, again there are terrible and violent news all around us; the last of which is in Yemen where more than 120 people have been killed from these suicide bombers in a mosque, also more than 20 soldiers have been killed from another group of these terrorist fanatics.
There are reasons to believe that the terrorists are religious fanatic, who have been brain washed, and so, they believe that according to their religious beliefs, when they die they are going straight to paradise to enjoy eternal life. Therefore, this is happening because of their twisted religious beliefs, they believe that they are doing the right thing according to the laws of Allah their God. Here I want to make this observation, let the rest of the world hope that not all Muslims believe what these terrorists believe, because if they do, then the world could be in real trouble. So, the rest of the world must find a way how to stop these violent happenings.
We should say also that, the attitude of these Muslim religious people, it is so far apart from the attitude of us Christian, whom believe that killing anyone is the most horrible sin that one could commit, in fact even killing oneself willingly is a sin against God and Mother Nature. We have added this new comment above, because this could be a direct link to Armageddon as written in the Bible, which we are going to discuss in this article, as the end of time friendly discussion.
Of course, there are a lot more killings going on in the world these days; in Tunisia they have killed more than twenty tourists, while they were visiting this museum, in Libya they have many small wars going on all the time, the terrorists threaten many countries or places in many ways; in the Middle East is just the same if not worse and many other things. It seems as if some groups of the Muslim religious are extremists, and they have declared war to each and every one of us; so, if we ask ourselves is this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it? I suppose we have a good reason to ask this question, as it resamples some events that are written at the end of the Bible in Revelation; well what we have just said about the end of the world, may indeed be like what is happening now, but we hope it is not and it only seems similar.
Having said that, now, let us see what the end of the Bible says, and talk about this end of time discussions.
 The end of time friendly discussions
As most of us know, the last book of the New Testament is called, Revelation and it talks about how the present system will end. So, let us review this chapter in the Bible and talk about the end of time discussions. You see, since we were little children, we have been exposed to these religious beliefs; most of our beliefs seem to work well and help us live our lives peacefully. But then there are some of these religious beliefs that would strike fear in our hearts and one of these is the end of time, as written in the book of Revelation. As things are going in the world these days, even this dreadful event could become possible because of what is happening, as we have mentioned already these violent events at the beginning of this article.
Because of this chapter in the Bible of Revelation,  as soon as something violent happens in the world that seems out of the ordinary, we will soon ask ourselves whether it is just a normal violent happening, or something else that could threaten our lives, and then we ask also ourselves whether this could be the beginning to the end of the world, because that is the way that we have been told since we were young, you see this violent event is written in Revelation near the end if the Bible, which is supposed to be the book that God inspired, and some people firmly believe that the Bible is really the word of God.
Whether the Bible has really been inspired by God is difficult to say, but a lot of people believe it is, now, as we know in religions people beliefs is what counts most, so, in a way we should accept what people believe what is written in the Bible Revelation, therefore let us see what is written in the Bible Revelation. The book of revelation; written by John (this is not John who wrote the gospel, since for some reason the expert say that Revelation was written much later). Anyhow this john is believed to have had a vision, where the end of the present system is foretold, so people are waiting for the world to end according to John’s vision. But, is this foretold event of the Bible Revelation really going to happen? Or does the book of Revelation mean something else and we have missed the real meaning of the Bible Revelations? This is what we are trying to discuss in this hub, in the hope that we come up with some positive answers and help the public understand better what it might mean?
Therefore, we will be discussing about The Bible Revelation and therefore the end of times as written in the Bible. Or as the Greek call it apocalypse, which is a name that easily puts fear into everyone heart, for these reasons most people do not like to talk about the Bible Revelation, because the violent events in there are a bit scary to say the least. But then, it is very hard to make sense of the whole Book of Revelation and why it has been written that way in the first place. In fact, it sounds too scary and for that reason it might not be true, because the whole book of Revelation might have been written to scare people into submission; today we don’t see any other reason, why the book of Revelation has been written, the way it has been written.
Anyhow, anyone reading this chapter of the book of Revelation in the Bible should ask themselves, is there any reason why God wants these terrible things to happen to us, just the way it has been written in revelation? After all God is supposed to be the Father of all living being, therefore we cannot believe that God is going to be so cruel and destroy us, in this terrible way.
Because I believe that for me, this cannot be true, because God is supposed to be a benevolent loving Father. I hope you agree with my statement about God being good? So, why these Revelation were written in a way to scare us so much, one may never know.
Anyhow, as we have said in this article, we are going to talk about the Bible Revelation, so, if you happen to believe in the Bible Revelation you should read this article, and then take part in those religious discussions that might follow.
Anyhow, now let us go back to talk about what we were writing in our last article. Dear readers as you all know from our previous articles, we were meeting with some religious friends to discuss religious matters as we have explained in the article Spiritual circumstances, 9, therefore, we are meeting again to talk about our religious views or reviews and in this case about the book of Revelation, in the hope of finding a way that would help to understand it better, or perhaps ask ourselves whether Revelation could be true or false. Anyhow let us discuss this article at length with our friends in a friendly discussion, in our next post, because this post is becoming too long for today average internet readers.
So, see you soon, in our next post, our religious discussions.
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The Bible and today violent happenings
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