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My personal prayer to God

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and this post, my personal prayer to God
My personal prayer to God

We need to pray God, so that God hears our prayers and grants us our earthly requests. Anyhow, in this post we have written some prayers, they are not the usual prayers, but they are prayers that come closer to our beliefs, and we believe that they are more suitable for the future.

My personal prayer to God
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, for our readers peace of mind, where we were saying that we were about to write our own prayer to God, so, let us continue.
This prayer here under is one of my personal prayer to God, it is my personal prayer because it mentions that I am praying God and asking God to help me with these religious writings that I am writing here.
My Lord God, benevolent and merciful Spiritual Father, I am praying thee with all my heart my soul and my mind earnestly, hoping that in your mercy you would let be a healthy old man and live a long life, Almighty Father guard and protect me from all dangers and the spiritual forces of evil, and let me be a very wise man, so that I would be able to live the rest of my life according to your will, and also be able to continue to write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will, and in such a way that humanity would accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind; amen.
Dear readers, this is one of my personal prayer that I pray very often, since I am writing these religious articles. So, let me try to explain how I feel about my prayers and why they have been written this way. As you can see, my prayers above are directed to our Lord God, who is the benevolent and merciful Father God Most-High, and praying like that is good, because God is really the divinity that we should be praying before any others, and also because God Most-High would be the most important existing spiritual life forces of the universe.
You see, by praying God-Most-High directly, not only we would be able to say a better prayer to God; but we would also be able to neutralize any doubts in the mind of other people who belong to other religions, and they would have different gods that they pray to. You see, God-Most-High would be the focal point where all religions could and would meet together; this is how we are going to explain our religious beliefs. So, this issue is going to be explained fully in our part three of our religious writing of, ‘Reconciliation of the universe’ (you see all religions there would be looking at their highest spiritual point, where they meet together), therefore if we pray to God Most High, we may appear as spiritual brothers to all the others world religions at the same time, because we would be able to bypass any doubts of separatism in the minds of people belonging to other religious groups, at least this is our intention, we hope that people would accept this explanation easily.

Of course all religious groups have their own way of praying, and they could keep their own praying ways, if they like to do so, since that is the way that those people know how to pray. We are sure that it will not make any difference at all how they pray, because they still should be able to link their own prayers easily, by using their own ways of praying to our benevolent Father God Most High, as God-Most-High is the highest of all positive life-force of the universe, which guides the entire spiritual life force of the universe, and therefore, He links all religions together, since all religions have been born from God-Most-High.
People usually pray to God
Most people are praying God, for their own reasons; they are praying God because they believe in God existence and other spiritual beings and things as well. So, let us talk about people prayers to God, and some of our views about those prayers that we usually pray, or we would and should pray. First of all, let us assume that we are praying the old ways. Well if we are praying the old ways, it is completely okay and we don’t need to explain anything, since we all know how to pray and what we are praying about.
But, if we would like to understand and pray some of the new prayers that we have written here, then, we need to write some explanations for you here, in fact, I believe that we need to describe how we see this God of the future, of course we have already done this briefly in our prayer called, ‘We believe’ but that might not be enough. Anyhow, in order to explain a bit more about the new prayers that we have written; we may have to assume, that since all human beings and religions have been born from God Most High, and since all existing life has been born from his/its’ life force energies of the universe, as we believe they are or would be. As we have been saying it in our religious articles. Then in our views, whichever religion you happen to be in, it has a direct connection to God and God life force energy of the universe. This might not be easy to understand at the beginning, because this is a new concept of seeing this God of the future; but it will become clear later on, as we will be explaining this to you again and again while we go on writing and explaining our religious beliefs and views and you read them. But now let me say just a few more things about this praying issue; pointing out to you how and why a prayer (a person who prays) should start to pray his own personal prayer.
Any praying person should start to pray in his own personal way that is in the way which he has been taught to pray from his parents or community which one belongs, or has belonged at the beginning of his life. Therefore, in these religious writings we will not be able to show everyone how to pray or start praying, because we would only be able to pray our own way; and therefore, we all must try to use your own ways of praying, because our initial own ways of beliefs and praying would be the portal of our own soul and it cannot be changed, so, let us use our own praying ways, even if we happen to use a strange personal new way of praying to God.
Now, since most of our prayers in these religious writings will be direct to Our Father God Most High; in order to keep to the highest focal point for all world religions to agree, I am going to give you an example how to pray. This is going to be my own personal example: So, just because I happen to be a Roman Catholic person born and baptized, I am going to use the most important opening way that a Roman Catholic person uses when they start praying, so, the opening prayer or first link in my personal case would be to our spiritual Father, God Most High, and it would be the sign of the cross, which is the sign of the Holy Trinity as this clearly states in the words, “The-Father, The-Son and the Holy-Spirit”. Of course there are also other ways about how to start praying to God our spiritual Father, which is whatever one religious person is using as opening prayer in his own personal religious ways as I have said above. It is also possible for anybody to pray going through smaller deities and saints and we might talk about these prayers in a chapter later on if we can.
But now let me go back to the prayers written above that we have written in this article and prayed and how we feel about that, since we have prayed God for forgiveness and reconciliation: I can tell you that I feel more confident that God will hear my prayers and help me. Not only for my religious reconciliation writings, but also for other personal help, and in his own ways through the guiding force of The-Holy-Spirit God will help me write my religious writings according to his will, which are the most important part of my writings here. And God would also help me with my personal wants and needs, which they are mostly to keep me safe and healthy and to keep safe and in good health all the members of my family. Well, I need to believe about all that, because believing is the most important part in religion.
So now dear readers allow me just for a moment to talk about my own personal needs, because as a human being I have also my personal needs and this is one of the main reasons why I started writing about religion, and as you can see I am still writing these religious writings here. Therefore, because I need some personal help right now, what I am going to write here would be my personal prayer to our Father God Most High, in the hope that God would hear my prayers, and He would help me by granting my earthly requests, at least I hope that God will do that.
I believe and we all need to believe that for God everything is possible to do, even those things that for us humans beings seem impossible to do, and I believe that as God is our heavenly Father He would be very helpful, merciful and compassionate towards us, but we have to try to live according to His will and pray to Him if and when we need His help, because this could be the only way for God to help us, so, we should turn to God and praying state our needs, even if what we want and what we need for us humans seems an impossible thing to humanly achieve; you see by praying to God we renew our hopes, here we need to say that hope is a lot better than despair. You see, we believe that praying to God is hope for those that need hope most.
Therefore, as I have already said and let me say it again, another of the many reasons why I am writing these religious writings here, it is because nowadays I need really help from God, since only God would be able to help me. I believe that I need God’s help right now, because there is illness in my family and the doctors don’t seem to find a good lasting cure, so, I have no other way but to turn to God and pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind, I am praying God just like most people would pray, but from the bottom of my heart I feel that I have to do more because of my special needs, in order to receive from God what I would like to have, and therefore, these religious writings that I am writing here are dedicated as my personal prayer to God Most High, in the hope that God would help me and grant me my earthly requests.
Anyhow this post is becoming too long, so, we are going to continue with our next post called, Other prayers and what we would like to achieve.
See you soon.
If you believe in God.
My personal prayer to God
Next time with, prayers and what we would like to achieve

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