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About God sent dreams

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The questions about Gods sent dreams
We have to admit that dreaming about God is one of those powerful dreams that we dream during our lives. As most of us already know, the Bible that is one of the most read book in the entire world talks about dreams several times, in fact this is the book where we can find most of the God sent dreams that humanity talks about.

There are several God's sent dreams that are mentioned in the Bible, one of these dreams talks about the Pharaoh of Egypt and the dream that Joseph son of Jacob interpreted for him.

St Joseph was the stepfather. He had many dreams and visions that helped him to avoid dangerous situations, all this is written in the Bible and other religious books.

 The questions about Gods sent dreams
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post, I have dreamed about God, so, in this article here we would like to talk about God sent dreams, and also, we would like to ask who else has dreamed or seen God in their dreams. So, my dearer readers I hope that you would be interested to know about these sorts of dreams. One of the reasons why I am writing this article and asking this question is because I have dreamed about God myself a while ago, as we have said in our previous posts and today I am still wondering what this dream about God really means. Sometimes I believe that one of these Gods sent dreams is the most important dream of my life: but how does my dream compare to other God sent dreams that other people dream or have dreamed in the past I do not know. So, if there is other people that have dreamed about God, what do they believe their dreams mean?
We would like to ask you first of all: Who else has dreamed about God? And then, if you have dreamed about God, we would like to invite you to share your dream with us. We would also like to browse religious books and history books about these god sent dreams, in the hope that we can find an answer to our quests. I know from reading religious and history books that people have always believed that their dreams should mean something to the dreamer, so hereunder are a few examples that I have found, let us see what they are:
Let us start from the most read book in the world, the Bible; what does the Bible say about dreams? Hereunder is a link to one of these sites, which claims that 1/3 of the Bible is about dreams and visions, there are lots of important people in the Bible that have dreamed a God sent dream and the most important that we hear mentioned in religious rites are: Abraham, Joseph, Daniel and Joseph (Jesus father) and others.
It was/is believed that God has always talked to His children in dreams. Today we don’t seem to attach much significance and value to vision and dreams, as we did in the past, but I believe that whatever they mean is still there.
Starting from Abraham
In this link hereunder is written that in the Bible dreams and visions are mentioned 224 times, and that, in Matthew the first 2 chapters contain 5 recorded dreams and as we have often heard that God son Jesus was revealed in a dream.

 Some dreams in the Bible
Some dreams in the Bible
Now, let us just look at some of the dreams in the Bible that we hear often preached; I suppose that we should start looking from Abraham who had visions dreams and Covenant with God and then try to find many others. In the Bible Abraham father of many great nations seems to talk with God, whether God was really there or was a vision is not clearly explained: in the Bible Genesis 12/1, Yahweh said to Abram, ‘Leave your country, your family and your father house, for the land I will show you’. That is how God starts to talk to Abram in the Bible, so Abram later called Abraham by God was talking to God, but then, he also had visions and dreams and it ends up that Abraham had a Covenant with God.
One of the most mentioned dreams in the Bible is the Pharaoh dream, which Joseph son of Jacob and Rachel interpreted for the Pharaoh and saved Egypt from famine: the Pharaoh dreamed of seven fat cows, which then were devoured by seven skinny cows, in a second dream Pharaoh dreamed of seven good ears of corn which were then devoured by seven shrivelled ears of corn. Joseph interpreted the dream thus: In the land of Egypt there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. The Pharaoh saw that the dream may indeed mean what Joseph said it means, and thus acted accordingly and saved Egypt from the following future famine. Thus God through Joseph saved Egypt from famine and Joseph gained the Pharaoh trust and was put in charge for collecting collectable food during the years of plenty and distributing food in the years of famine.
At the Persian court Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Nebuchadnezzar rewards Daniel with a high position at the court as well as his companions. Later on Daniel interpreter another dream regarding the immense tree that was cut down and then allowed to sprout again, with great caution Daniel interpreted the dream thus; the immense tree was the great monarch himself that would be driven from mankind and live in the wildness for seven years, but then he would be allowed to return to his former self and regain his kingdom. As it happened the year after the dream Nebuchadnezzar became insane and for seven years he lived as an animal, but then he regained his sanity and his kingdom again, I suppose this was all God Yahweh plan to punish Nebuchadnezzar for being arrogant and believing to be above God himself, and also to prepare for what would come next for the return of the Jews to Israel.
Of course Daniel interpreted many other dreams and visions, and he also had many other dreams and visions.
Joseph (the father or step-father of Jesus) had many dreams and/or visions, which helped him to understand the situation and the will of God: he accepted to marry Mary a pregnant girl, because Yahweh angel explained to him the facts of her pregnancy. Joseph had several warning dreams in his life, which helped him to avoid dangerous situations.
There are a lot more dreams written in the Bible, but I think I have made my point about dreams and God sent dreams.
 Dreaming about God

Now that I have looked at those dreams and written about those God sent dreams, of a few of these well-known religious persons, I am still concerned about what I have dreamed myself and what it could mean to me, or the whole community at large. Because you see these people that I have written above were God chosen people, and in the Bible they are portrayed thus. But you and me (if you are one of those who has dreamed about God) are only simple people who happens to have dreamed a few dreams that seem to be God sent dreams and also seen God in our dreams. So, I have to ask myself and all those that believe that they have dreamed about God and of course also you my dear readers this:
First of all, if you are one of those who has had one or more Gods sent dreams, think about your own dream first, then take a good look at this dream that I have published at this Internet address: https://sites.google.com/site/prayersofreconciliation/ among other things there is a full description of my dream, I would have liked to repeat this dream here, but I cannot because it is already published on the Internet; in order to compare more dreams, you can check out also the dreams in my hub of Cosmic Spiritual dreams, 7; here is the link, Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, 7  then read my previous article Prayers for reconciliation, 5; this is the link, Prayers for Reconciliation, 5 put everything together and judge it for yourself whether I am a good enough person and worthy enough to write religious articles.
Anyhow, since we are talking about God sent dreams, it is important that we look at all sort of dreams, so that we could discover what they could mean to the dreamers, so, I would like to link these God’s sent dreams writing with our other writings of Dreamland, so next hub will be about, Menfranco Dreamland Modified.
May God guide and help us to write and understand the right religious things?
May God bless us all?
If you believe in God,
About God sent dreams 

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