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People prayers to God

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and this post, people prayer to God
People prayers to God
Here we are praying dear readers, because we believe in the presence of God that exists everywhere in the universe, so we pray to our spiritual Father whichever way our heart tells us to pray him. May God hear our prayer?

People prayers to God

Our people prayer to God
Our Lord God with our personal concerns we come to you praying God-Most-High, master of the universe and life giver to every living thing, we are praying thee for forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation to thy spiritual life force.  
I am praying thee and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, and thus, I would become worthy to pray to you and my prayers of forgiveness and reconciliation would be heard and accepted.
My Lord God, I am praying thee in the hope that I would receive your forgiveness, reconciliation, cleansing, guidance and blessing, and after receiving them, let me be your humble servant.
My Lord God, and spiritual father; hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me; so that I can live in harmony with thy spiritual and eternal benevolent life-force energies of the universe, Father hear my prayer, amen.
Now that I have written one of the most important prayers of this religious writings, I can welcome you to our religious post Prayers of reconciliation
May God guide and help me to write this article of, Prayers of Reconciliation?
As you can see, we have started with a people prayer to God; since we believe that this article is mostly about how we would be praying God in the future. Of course, we are going to write about other religious issues as well. After the first prayer, we will try to explain our religious points of views, about this prayer. 
Dear readers and religious believers. Now that I have written our first people prayer above, I need to explain some of the reasons why this new prayer is somehow different from existing religious prayers. Well, it is different because our religious beliefs are also somehow different from the existing religious beliefs. I know that perhaps it needs a better explanation about what we believe in, since this is partly a new way of believing in God and religions. However, when we put all religious issues together that we are talking about here, then it becomes easier for us to understand the reason. Therefore, now in order to explain that the easiest and shortest way possible; I would like to write another prayer that not only is a prayer, but it would also be explaining our main religious beliefs, we are going to call this prayer WE BELIEVE;
We believe that God is our spiritual Father, since He is the spiritual life force in the entire universe that makes life possible on earth; we believe that this God Our Spiritual Father is the eternal benevolent life force that gives life to every living being; we believe that this benevolent God that we believe in is above all other existing Gods that the world has known, because from his life force energies of the universe, all existing gods, all the spiritual forces and all living beings have been born; and we believe that there are no negative life force energies at all in this spiritual God that we believe in, since It is the most pure positive life energies that could exist in the universe; and we believe that from this pure God life force all other Gods were born and also all other spiritual forces that exist in the universe were born.
(This prayer above describes our spiritual beliefs, and it is what we believe in. So, by using our beliefs, we believe that this is the way that will or might allow us to modify religions, so that they can serve humanity better in the future; at least this is what we believe in, so we hope we are right. May God help us and be our judge also).
Let me explain our religious views
Now, let me try to explain our religious views. We believe that religions need to be modified, in order to serve humanity better in the future, and to achieve that some new prayers need to be added to the existing prayers, in order to start a new way of seeing religions and religious issues. As you can see, we have written these new people prayers above, in a style that might be able to bridge the existing ways of praying to the old ways of praying. In fact, we only suggest that these new prayers that we have written here be added to the existing prayers, and also to other prayers that we are going to write later on, in this article or somewhere else.
The reasons why we are doing it this way, it is because, we believe that in the future religions need to be modified in order to serve humanity better, because today there are elements in existing religions that could be even dangerous to themselves and to other religions and people around them, as we can see just about every day in the daily news, where people kill other people in the name of their God, which in reality we believe that could never happen, at least this is the new religious way that we would like to suggest to the entire world, may God help us to do that.
We view our own religious beliefs thus. God is the Father of all living beings on earth, therefore, all living beings on earth are part of God. For this reason, God cannot turn against himself and kill his own children, as all living beings are part of himself. This is how we see God, God is the spiritual life force of the entire universe.
But this is not all that needs to be explained, because at the same time there are people that use God and religions to make wars to other people. So, here with these new religious views and people prayers that we are writing, we are trying to suggest a new modified religious way, this will include some new prayers that the people of the future might add to the existing religious prayers that exist today, as we have already mentioned above. 
So, we hope that these new religious ways and people prayers make sense to our readers, as our intentions are very honest and I dare say even brave, because we dare suggest today a new modified united religion for the entire world, when people fight to keep their old religious ways as they are, they do that just because, they want to control people, as they have done in the past for centuries and even thousands of years, so they are not willing to change any religion at all, even when they see that their religions could be wrong or out of place, if they use their logic human understanding, which would usually suggest that the best religions are there to guide people in a peaceful way.
I believe that we have said a few religious things that are somehow different from the existing religious ways, so, we believe that not all our readers might see these new religious prayers and the new suggested religious ways the same way as we see them, so they might become alarmed and leave us, for this reason let us write something for our readers’ peace of mind.
I believe that this post is becoming too long, so, we will continue in our next post for our readers’ peace of mind and other things. See you soon.  
If you believe in God.  People prayer to God

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