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Dreamland dreams and beliefs

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Dreams could be said that they are the eyes of our mind; we believe that when we sleep and we dream our dreams, they could be all sorts of dreams, some people believe that all the dreams that we dream should mean something to the dreamer. in one way or another; therefore it would be good to remember our dreams, because it could be helpful to know their meanings, that is if we are able to work out their meanings. 

When we are dreaming, we are in the land of dreams and fantasy; in the land of dreams, dreams are just dreams, so you can dream about anything and go anywhere, you could visit far away lands and visit the cosmos as well; physically you are not there at all, but your thoughts are there and you believe that you are there while you are dreaming. 

Dreamland dreams and beliefs
May God guide and help me to write the right things in this article?
We could have also said, may God of the universe by using his immense knowledge and the knowledge that exists in the universe about dreams; help me say the right things in these dreamland writings?
Anyhow, welcome to this article, Dreamland dreams and beliefs, where we are going to explain dreams type two and three and then open the door of our spiritual dreams, that we are going to write later on; as you can see this post is the continuation of our previous post, Menfranco Dreamland, therefore, hereunder is the continuation and our explanation of dreams type two and three, as we haven’t been able to do that yet.
So now, let us talk about sleeping dreams, type-two and three, since we have already classified dreams type one as being shallow dreams that seem bodily dreams.
These two types of dreams; being the normal mental dreams and deep psychological dreams, they are the real dreams that we dream and they seem strange sometimes, since as we have said we dream them when we seem to be in a deep sleep or waking up from a deep sleep; they could or would be called the dreams of our minds. These dreams seem completely detached from the present body needs that we might have at the time when we dream them, and therefore they could not be explained easily like the bodily dreams type one, for this reason we don’t know exactly how and why we dream such dreams, but we are going to work out an explanation.
Of course these dreams may be trigged from long past experience that surface in our mind while we are sleeping, or they may be of a psychological nature; so while our mind is at rest from our busy waking life, our brain tries to sort things out, and tries to make sense in its own way while we are asleep. Some of these dreams usually seem to remind us of long past events, or they may be very strange in nature and make no sense at all, if one compares them to real life. They are or seem to be a bit like the dream in type-one, but they are not because we can’t find the connection to our present body needs; but there could be a connection if we look for it in our life overall, and this connection is more mental than physical, or at least it seems so because there are also those things that our body requires but we are not aware of it, and there are our own beliefs that play a part in modifying our dreams.
When we think about it, all these things put together may easily create a problem for our mind so to speak, and this problem must be solved somehow, and our mind solves its own problem by dreaming these strange dreams. In my own personal experience, I always feel more relaxed after dreaming something, sometimes I feel as if some chemical have been released in my brain; so, dreaming for us might be beneficial overall, even when we don’t understand why we have dreamed such dreams.
Understand these types of dreams
We have always tried to understand these types of dreams; as far as we can see, the normal mental dreams and the psychological dreams seem to come at the same level of awareness, therefore they can’t be separated easily, as they are both mental and therefore detached from our immediate body needs, so they are not like type one and for this reason they are hard to explain.
Because of their nature, mankind has been interested for a very long time about their meanings. So, because of these dreams detached nature from our present bodily needs, and the belief about the possibility that our mind could be tuning-in to a different dimension, which could really exist and it is believed to be in the cosmic life-force energies of the whole universe, and also our afterlife world, and therefore the land of the dead, where the souls of our ancestor are supposed to be after death. Some people believe that our ancestors can communicate to us through these dreams, and they would give us coded messages since they are not allowed to tell us in a straightforward way, and worn us about what’s going to happen next, as they would or are supposed to know already everything before it happens, at least this is what lots of people believe.
Because of these beliefs, there are groups of people that have put special meanings in these dreams, and they think that it is possible to foretell some future events from our dreams.
There are in fact so many people that believe in their dreams, and some of them would be worried if they have had a bad dream, as they believe that the dream may have foretold them of an oncoming bad event. These believers’ of dreams would usually tell their dreams to their special close partners, relative or friends that believe in the same way; and by telling them their dreams, they hope that their friends would be able to help them find what those dreams could mean, but in the end everything remains as confuse as before.
But we would still be asking; what could that dream that we have dreamed mean?
So, let us suppose that the dreams really have a message for the dreamer! Then: What could a certain dream mean to a certain person?
I don’t think that anybody could answer that positively, because the same dream may have a different meaning to a different person. Because the person that is telling the dream has got to take into consideration also his own feelings while he is dreaming, because I believe that his/her feelings are the most important part to consider for understanding dreams: that is if one wants really to understand dreams. But the feelings of a dreamer can’t be passed on easily, and for this reason it is very hard to understand other people dreams, as they seem to be all over the place and meaningless to the listener. Because each individual has his own way of dreaming, and also of understanding dreams, and therefore he will dream his dreams according to his own beliefs and imagination, and it is for this reasons, that only the dreamer himself is the person that is most capable of understanding his own dreams.
There are some rules of course on how to know what your dreams might mean: But I haven’t tried to learn and to know them properly. So when I speak about the meanings of dreams, I speak only about my own life experience and what my mother and my grandma have told me when I was young, and also a few stories that I have heard around.
However, I believe that there could be some meanings in dreams, because if I dream a certain dream at night, and the day after something happens that seems very similar to my dream, I have to accept that my dream has foretold me the happening; What else can I do, and for that matter what else one would do?
I know that it is only afterward when something has taken place, that we are able to say that what has taken place is very much the same as our dream was, and therefore we believe that, that particular dream was meant to foretell us the oncoming event.
So, it is events like these, that will make us always wonder and ask the questions, whether the dreams that we dream are really there to foretell us the future. And if they are: What could we do about it? Could we find an advantage by knowing the meanings of our dreams?
Perhaps we could, if we try to learn our own dreams by remembering the dreams and what happens afterward, so let us try to understand dreams for ourselves.
I believe that this post now is becoming too long, so we are going to continue this article in our next post, where we will talk about, understanding dreams for ourselves.
See you soon.
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Dreamland dreams and beliefs 
Next time with; understanding dreams for ourselves  
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